3 Easy Ways To Remove The Negative Energy At Home

Ever walk into a home and immediately you feel like something is just off or heavy. Maybe your clients think they just want to give their home a makeover but at the root of it all is some negative energy in the home that they need to address unknowingly.

There are some easy ways to remove negative energy at home without having to hire an exorcist for the energy vampire bringing in the bad vibes. Let's first talk about how to identify the bad juju with a home.

Symptoms Of Negative Energy At Home
Everyone is tired all the time and sleep is not restful

Money doesn't flow easily and the bills are piling up

Losing your phone, purse or keys and it's hard to find them

Everyone is stressed and finding it difficult to cope

Communicating within the family is hard (maybe even non-existent)

Negative emotions and thoughts run amok

Concentrating seems like the most difficult task in the world

How does this happen? People bring bad or negative energy with them into the home. And the home is a sponge. As I've talked about before there are secret energies affecting the vibes at home. affected by many factors like the location and the contents within. That's why it's important to take preventative measures with crystals inside the home to protect the home from bad vibes before they become a problem.

How To Remove Negative Energy At Home
Before we get to the different ways to remove the negative energy at home, there are a few things I'd like you to do before.

First, remove the clutter as it's usually the crap that isn't being used and has been put off to the side to be dealt with later. Cleaning up the clutter and the dust (dust isn't just unsightly but it's a spot for the negative energy to cling on to) is a necessary first step.

Smudge & Smoke It Out
Smudging is an ancient practice to energetically cleanse a space through the smoke that comes from burning sage, sweetgrass, frankincense resin, myrrh resin, cedar or Palo Santo to name a few. The goal of smudging is to clear the energy that is lingering while you do a simple 15-minute ceremony. Don't worry, you don't need to be a shaman to master this!

*If anyone is sensitive to smoke you should probably skip the smudging.

Open up the windows and doors of the home as you get ready to visit the entire home with the smudge.

If you're using a sage bundle, you'll want to also have something like an abalone shell or another fireproof container so you don't light the place on fire. And you'll need some fire like a lighter (sometimes a torch lighter is better than a standard lighter or match) to light up the sage. Once it catches fire, gently wave it in the air until the flame is out and it is smoldering with smoke wafting from it.

Since I'm always afraid of lighting the place on fire I prefer to place the lit sage bundle in my abalone shell to collect the embers and ash. Then you can use a feather (or your hands) to wave the smoke around the home.

Start at the lowest level of the home (if there is a basement, start there) and visit the perimeter of each space while waving the smoke into the four corners and throughout. As you smudge, you may say (out loud or to yourself) a prayer or intention for this ceremony.

Once you've been around the entire home, you can simply put out your sage in the abalone shell like a cigarette or run it under water.

Smokeless Smudge Spray
When burning sage or resin isn't a viable option to remove negative energy at home, you can spray it out. Look for a smudge spray and you'll follow the same process I outlined above.

You can also make your own smudge spray. Here's my recipe you can try and if you need to you can adjust the essential oils as you wish.

What You'll Need:

Spray Bottle 

1 Tablespoon Witch Hazel

3 Drops Sage Essential Oil

3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

1/4 Teaspoon Sea Salt

Distilled Water

Small Quartz Crystal (optional)

Add the ingredients to the spray bottle, fill the bottle up 3/4 full with distilled water and shake it up while setting the intention that this spray is for good energy.

Rock The Good Vibes
Sound is an amazing way to bring good energy into a home. You can either crank up your favorite AC/DC song or get a tuning fork because the sound sends out energy vibrations that permeate the environment. Whatever you use the only requirement is that the sound needs to be loud which means the energy has a high frequency (high vibes) and pushes out the negative energy out of the home.

Protection To Keep Negative Energy Out
Once the home has been cleansed, you'll want to take the necessary steps to do your best to keep the negative vibes at bay. Here are some ways to keep the vibes high in between cleansing sessions or until some Negative Nelly shows up.

Pinch Of Salt
Organic salt is needed for this method as regular table salt won't do that job here as it has been processed. Organic salt, like Himalayan Rock Salt, is a crystal (awesome!) and within the corners of the home, go around and sprinkle salt into the corners to absorb the negative energy.

To experience the benefits without sprinkling the salt around the home you could add Himalayan salt lamps. around the home.

Crystals are one of my favorite ways to banish as much negative energy as possible from my home. While you can't do anything about the people who come in with their bad juju, you can attempt to minimize the effects of them being in the home.

To protect the property and the home you may want to place Black Tourmaline at the corners of the property lines as well as at the entries to the home.

You may even want to pair up Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline together to bust out the negative vibes, too. These two crystals are ones you can also add to the smudge spray recipe, too!

The key to using crystals throughout the home is knowing that the more crystals (or larger crystals) the better because one crystal isn't going to be able to radiate their energy throughout the home.

One last thing on removing negative energy at home - everyone - whether you or your clients have to take responsibility for the energy they bring into the environment. Energy comes in many different forms: thoughts, words, beliefs, and attitudes. Because energy affects us at home and we need our homes to be the place where we can recharge know that raising the vibe starts with the person.

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