About Us

Healing Aura Crystals is an online store for all your Crystal healing needs 
We have more than 300+ crystal products available on our website and Instagram page.
We take orders through WhatsApp, Instagram and our own website with a highly Secure Payment Gateway to keep your information secure. 

We currently deal in Crystal Tumbled Stones, Raw Crystals, Crystal Pendants, Bracelets, Crystal Hearts, Crystal Trees, Face Rollers and Gua shas and cleansing tools such as Sage Smudge sticks, Palo Santo, Singing bowls, etc.

We provide both Cash on Delivery and Online payment modes and we are soon introducing EMI option to purchase your crystals now and pay later.

To offer any suggestion for our website you can write to us at info@healingauracrystals.com

Contact us:-

Email: info@healingauracrystals.com

Contact number: +91 7303063258