3 Major Reasons Why Crystals Break And What To Do With Them When They Do

You may not like it but just like glass, eggs, and our hearts, crystals often break. It’s pretty painful. Watching as your crystal slow-motion free falls from your hand to the ground makes your heart stop. You flap your arms around trying to catch it but you’re just not quick enough.

Or you tap the corner of your alter at the perfect angle and there one goes.

Or you’re sitting perfectly still with the crystal in the palm of your hand and *crack* it splits in two.

No matter the way, for that moment you feel destroyed. Especially if you work with that crystal often. You’re losing a friend.

But you don’t have to cry over cracked crystals!

It may not even be your fault the crystal broke in the first place. So start by giving yourself a break. Then stick around and read about why crystals break and what to do with them after.

Why crystals break
Sometimes when a crystal breaks, it's merely because you dropped it, but there are many other reasons as to why crystals break, crack, or chip.

Maybe the crystal had a tiny crack on the bottom or a shard missing when you bought it. Perhaps it's a delicate specimen that's fragile according to the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Maybe it is a crystal that has been exposed to an artificial source of radiation to change its color (not heated naturally in the Earth), making it even more fragile. This is a common practice when people are trying to fake people out by baking Amethyst in an oven to make it look like Citrine. Once this happens, the crystal becomes brittle. The crystal could also be exposed to other extreme temperature changes that occur naturally.

Maybe the crystal was exposed to a frequency in the environment that causes it to crack.

It could also be that the crystal wasn't stored properly.

If you break (or even if you lose) a stone there are a few different reasons this may have happened:

You don’t need that energy in your life anymore.

Congratulations, you’ve worked through what you needed to! If you bought a crystal to help you work through a particular type of healing the crystal may break after you have healed.

Or the crystal followed its natural life cycle. Like all living creatures crystals too have a life cycle. Birth, life, death, and eventual rebirth. Your crystal knew it had done its job and it was outtie.

You need to seek a deeper meaning in your relationship with the stone.

Revisit how you have used it and what power you have given it in your life.

Ask yourself if the intention you set is aligned with your greater good.

Could you have overcharged it? This is a touchy topic so don’t come for me. Some say you can not overcharge a crystal, some say yes you can. It’s believed by some of our metaphysical buddies that a crystal can break if it’s overcharged. You be the judge on this one.

Your crystal may break itself (yep, that’s what I said).

It might break to release unwanted energy. Not all crystals can hold a ton of negative energy. It won’t be able to take the pressure build-up so it will crack itself open.

Or it might crack itself into pieces if it wants to share its energy with other people. Sometimes the energy is too great to contain in one piece and place.

Or if it’s ready to ascend. If your crystal is ready to move on to its next life it will break itself. You’ll know this happened because your stone will feel lighter, lifeless, and no longer send out any vibrations.

Lastly, if it isn’t cleansed enough and is yearning to feel new. Breaking itself will release that bad energy and making it ready to start a new cycle with fresh spiritual and physical energy.

What To Do With Broken Crystals
You must be wondering what to do when crystals break.

Once you’ve dealt with the pain of stumbling upon a shattered stone on a shelf or watching a crystal break right before your very eyes you’re going to ask yourself “can I still use this?”. The answer is... maybe.

So pick up the broken pieces of your heart and your crystal and get ready to — possibly — mend them both back to life.

You've got a few options to choose from when your crystal breaks. If it was a clean break you can glue it back together, continuing to use the crystal.

You'll probably want to use this e6000 glue to put the crystal back together if you have all of the pieces. (Que gluing-tons-of-broken-crystals montage). Many who have done this say that the energy still feels as it did before the break. And you can look at this as a process of you putting your own magic in that fuses with the crystal.

If you choose to use hot glue, it may be too hot for certain crystals, so proceed with caution.

What if your crystal is broken in two but has no rough edges or sharp points? Do both pieces look nicely separated? Then do zip, nada! You can continue using it as if nothing happened. You just have two now!

Whether you glue it or leave it you’ll need to cleanse the rock before you work with it. Use palo santo, sage, or any other air purifying herb. Then meditate with it in its new form. Feel if it gives out the same vibrations. Notice if it holds the same meaning for you.

If your crystal is broken into a couple of pieces it’s perfectly fine to give those pieces to someone else. If your crystal broke itself it might even be for this exact reason. Like the latest hot gossip around town, your crystal aches to be shared. So spread those vibes — better than spreading gossip, right? — and (once cleansed) pass that baby out.

If the crystal is too far gone and you just can’t fix it it’s not all over with yet. Give it back to the Earth. Bury them in your garden to give back to mother nature. You can also put the pieces in pots and use them as decor. Your plants will love the energy from their new friends. Several varieties of Amethyst, Sodalite, and Aventurine are even natural fertilizers. How cool is that!?

Like plants, crystals have their own subconsciousness.

Sometimes your crystal is simply ready to ascend. There is nothing you can do about this. It feels it has served its purpose and it’s just done doing its thing. It’s over it and ready to nope the fuck outa here before its next use. Respect that for what it is.

If your stone feels dull and lifeless this is probably why. You know it best so you will be able to tell if this is the case. With that being said, this is the only time you can no longer use your crystal. Devastating, I know, but all you have left to work with is a crystal corpse. That’ll do you no good.

So thank it for making you the badassified metaphysical being you are. Let it know you are grateful for its presence in your life. If it’s a stone you can put near your mouth kiss it goodbye. And allow it to move on to its next calling from the universe.

Can You Glue A Broken Crystal
You can. You'll probably want to use this e6000 glueOpens in new tab. to put the crystal back together if you have all of the pieces. Many who have done this stay that the energy still feels as it did before the break. And you can look at this process of you putting your own magic in that fuses with the crystal, too.

If you choose to use hot glue, it may be too hot for certain crystals, so proceed with caution.

Piece It All Together
Like rules, some crystals are meant to be broken. If you have recently experienced any of this with one of your babies I am truly sorry. Hopefully, your crystal is able to recover from the damage done. And if it’s not that’s ok, too.

Follow your intuition on what the next step for its life is.

Some might worry that a broken crystal is bad luck. Nope! Don’t let that negativity even cross your mind. Everything in nature is subjected to snap, break down, disintegrate, or as we all know, die. It’s the circle of life even for our crystals sometimes. There is nothing bad or unlucky about it.

If you have recently lost a piece in your collection and are looking to replace it or you’ve worked on from that stage of life and need a new stone for new purposes feel free to check out my shop here.

And remember crystals are always a part of us no matter what happens to them.

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