30 Signs That You're An Empath

An empath is a person that feels and sometimes takes on the emotions or physical symptoms of others. And if you're wondering if you're an empath then you probably are. Empaths are highly sensitive people who make up approximately 20% of the world's population, with their degree of sensitivity varying.

Being an empath means you can see the big picture and feel it on a deeper level. You're here to raise the vibration in the world, but that also means that you must take care of yourself while you're on this journey.

One of the other reasons you're here beyond raising the vibration and positivity here on Earth is to live a creative life. This will mean that you need to protect yourself and your heart from the societal projections that can block your creativity. If you find your ability to be creatively blocked, you tend to become a hermit, and that's why it is essential for you to recognize the types of empaths there are, which one you are and the traits you need to be mindful so you can help as many people as you're meant to.

There are many different types of empaths, and by understanding what gifts you have, you can learn more about yourself and what to pay attention to.

Empath Types
There are many types of empaths here, and you may find that you fit into more than one category.

The claircognizant/intuitive empath that just knows something often without having a reason to justify the feeling. Maybe you know a person is full of bad energy. Pay attention to your inner knowing.

The psychometry empath receives information from physical objects and even the materials within a building.

The telepathic empath can sense another's unexpressed emotions and thoughts.

The geomantic empath tunes into the earth landscape, often feeling deep connections to certain places.

The animal empath can tune in to animals and have a strong connection to their emotions and needs.

The spiritual empath has a direct line to other realms. Sometimes also known as mediums, they connect to spirits on the other side.

Now let's dig into the common traits of the empath and what you need to be on the lookout for. Many times empaths can find the world unsafe and cruel, which can then lead to you wanting to shut down your gifts.

Your creativity and your gifts must be protected and nurtured so you can utilize them to help others.

30 Signs That You're An Empath
You're creative - you have a vivid imagination and the creativity to make those ideas a reality.

You're too sensitive - Or at least that's what everyone has told you your entire life.

You're a good listener - so much so that strangers will open up to you.

It's too peopley in public - you know the feeling, too many people around, and you're ready to bail.

You're a lie detector - you can spot a con artist or someone holding back information from you.

You're introverted - if there are too many people somewhere or you know others won't understand your empath ways, you're going to tend to be introverted.

You need alone time - you're ready to help people at a moment's notice, but also need time to recharge.

Nature is the best - you find that the place you recharge best is in nature.

Boundaries are an issue - because you want to help you sometimes forgo setting boundaries leaving you feeling resentful or drained.

You understand your friends on a soul level - you can't have a superficial relationship with your friends, and they genuinely appreciate it.

You're a dreamer and a doer - you love to be the visionary and also bring the visions to life.

You've got a strong sense of right and wrong - you've no patience for corruption at all.

Variety is required - empaths are creative by nature, and getting bored happens all the time if you're not allowed to explore ideas.

You solve problems - and always in a creative way because you know you can figure out a solution to any problem.

You pivot when you need to - you can see the writing on the wall a mile away and adjust as necessary.

You're quirky - ready to follow your intuition, and you don't care what the doubters think (as long as they keep it to themselves 😉)

You're a magnet for other people's energy - and sometimes their ailments feel almost like sympathy pains to you.

You're tired a lot - fatigue is a common issue, and this is why it's essential to protect your energy.

Authenticity is your middle name - you can't be superficial and can't bring yourself to do anything that's not in alignment with your soul.

Prone to weight gain - empaths hold on to weight as a protective mechanism against unwanted or harmful energy, not due to overeating.

Routines are the enemy - you need to be able to explore any creative inspiration whenever it comes.

Addicted to something - you're likely to find you have an addiction as a way to get out of experiencing all of the emotions all the time.

You're an underdog's BFF - you love to help and be a good friend to the underdog.

You're a Water sign - empaths tend to have at least one, if not more than one, water sign in their astrological chart like Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio.

You feel the energy - you can enter a room and feel the energy, or you can sense it from a single person.

Concentration is hard - sometimes you can't concentrate when others are near you.

You're the "therapist" - people know you give good advice and call you a wise person, even when you're young.

Animal lover - you have such a deep love for animals and connect with them right away. You also hate those sad commercials of animals in shelters.

Energy vampires love you - because you're so sensitive energy vampires and narcissists will seek you out. Get the hell away from those people.

You're the poster child for positivity - you love to share your positivity and all the opportunities with your community.

You're Your Friend's Best Advocate
Being an empath gives you so many advantages over those "regular" folks. While many people struggle with understanding their own life, you're able to see clearly how to guide another to help them live a better life.

It's Okay To Say 'No'
You're an excellent listener and wise counsel for your friends. You'll do anything for your soul family, and that means you do need to establish healthy boundaries to protect your energy. Pay attention to the warning signs that you'll see in the wolves in sheep's clothing and know what line of yous that they can't cross.

Avoid Burnout
At times, you can find yourself bored with it all, and this is important to know so you can make sure to structure variety into your life. Maybe you commit to learning a new thing every month or get a new book to read about a topic you're curious about.

Empaths Need Sacred Space
It's vital for you also to create a sacred space for you to do your work in. Sacred space will balance your need to stay grounded and protected, as well as be a space to fuel your creativity as you tap into your intuition. This may mean that you need to have a quiet place to meditate and create while surrounded by your favorite things like crystals, candles, and sage. Don't forget to smudge regularly to keep the energy purified.

Stay Grounded
Your intuition is running all the time, which means you're constantly working with your upper chakras, so it's critical to be grounded so you can protect your energy. You may find that doing a grounding meditation or having a crystal such as Hematite in your pocket a part of your daily habits.

Make Your Own Rules
More often than not, you don't gel with the rules and ideas of modern society. It's all soooo 3D and basic. Since this is true for you, you need to be able to break free from the societal norms that keep you from awakening your higher calling. If you fail to make your own rules, you'll often experience low self-esteem and not thrive as you try to make yourself fit with those constricting confines.

Nix The Naysayers
There will also be those people who don't believe in you or your gifts. They're more than happy to point out everything that could go wrong with glee. Many times, they do come from a good place, hoping to save you from heartache and failure, but they don't truly understand you or your calling. When the naysayer pops up, it's a fork in the road for you to decide if you should continue on your own path or follow them... you know which way to head, so keep on your path.

Failure Is Expected
You will fail, and that is okay. You know why? If you don't fail, you don't learn, and that is precisely why you're here. As a wise soul, you advise others through the hard-won knowledge you've acquired here and through your intuition. Failure is one of our greatest teachers and fearing it will only stunt your journey.

You're More Than Worthy
You know how society is, they love to jump on the bandwagon where they will do and say whatever allows them to fit in with the crowd. Sometimes that's pointing at you and finding everything that makes you different as if it's a bad thing. It's not.

While you can tend to lean into your introverted ways when the masses get too cruel, please don't. Creating separation from yourself and the masses doesn't help you or them. While changing the entire world is a job for Jesus, you can certainly make an impact. Mastering your energy output and how you put back into the world what you want to see knowing at the same time your contribution is worthy.

Innovation Is Your Jam
You're an innovator when you've got the space to indulge your introverted and creative parts. You excel in creating new solutions and reimagining what's possible. Set time aside every day to let yourself dream and innovate.

Altruism Can Be The Enemy
While you see the possibilities in the world that can be, you can tend to get wrapped up in what's right. The benefits of what is right can not outweigh the costs, and that will be something that you have to evaluate regularly. If you're not careful, you could find yourself in a codependent relationship or leave yourself out of the equation.

Don't Power Through
You are prone to fatigue and having your energy drained daily. The hustle culture will have you believe that you have to power through when things get tough or overwhelming, but you must listen to what your body is telling you. If you need to take a nap, do it because you can not help anyone when your energy is at its lowest. And it doesn't mean you're lazy.

Pay Attention If Depression Shows Up
Every empath can experience depression. Since you are usually experiencing a sensory overload, taking on other's emotions, and feeling more deeply, you can experience depression. And if you happen to work in a career that is not in alignment with your soul's purpose, you will find that bouts of depression happen more frequently.

Don't ignore the signs of depression. If you need help, get it and don't feel bad about seeking help.

Stay Away From The Drama Queen + Kings
They will tell you everybody else's business, hoping to get a reaction from you while at the same time giving you a ton of information you do not need. Try to avoid them at all costs.

Cord Cutting Is Essential
We're not talking about cutting cable, but the spiritual-energetic cords that run between you and another person (sometimes even objects). Learn how to do this in your sacred space because you need to make sure you're not letting your energy be drained.

Empaths Are Coming Out of The Shadows
Thankfully we live in a time where it's safer to come out and help others without tiptoeing around the fact that we're empaths. Now it the time for you to fill up your spiritual toolbox, gird your loins and get ready to harness your strengths, so you're able to share your amazing soul gifts with the world bravely.

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