5 Best Crystals For Luck and Success

Have you ever wondered how to get rich quick? That’s great, but this isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, there are, however, some crystals that can help boost your luck and money-making potential. More than anything, being successful takes a certain mind frame first and foremost. Here are the 5 crystals I recommend for luck and success!

Let’s Win the Lottery!

One of the most searched things on Google is how to win the lottery. Okay…I don’t actually know if that is the most searched thing on Google, but you could assume that it might be. Who wouldn’t want to beat the economic system and win the lottery? After all, making Kylie Jenner amounts of money couldn’t hurt.

Unlike winning the lottery, attracting luck and success into your life doesn’t happen overnight…

Many things in life worth having are often achieved with hard work and dedication. This brings me to my next point. Before working with any crystals for luck and success you need to first work on yourself and your mindset of prosperity.

Do you have a mindset of Abundance or Scarcity?

It may sound cliche…but let me point out that we are talking about a rocks’ potential to help us get rich..so…yea…it is what is it. Success is a mindset, not a financial destination, having a life that feels abundant requires effort, mindfulness, and gratitude.

Let’s talk about success and what that means to you specifically. For me, success is a mindset as much as the actions I take to get there. Things happen because I commit to them. Keeping my mind focused on abundance as opposed to scarcity doesn’t hurt either. So with that said let's talk about the 5 crystals for luck and success and the steps to utilize them!

5 Best Crystals for Wealth + Success

Below you will find my list of the 5 most powerful crystals for wealth, luck and success and by no means are these the only crystals you can use for this purpose! If you have been wanting to see prosperity and abundance flow into your life then give some of these crystals a try. Let’s get started.

1) Malachite
Malachite might be the number one crystal on my list for attracting success. This crystal is a deep green color ranging from light to dark tones with a swirling marble effect. It oozes with luxe and opulence.

Malachite Metaphysical Properties

Malachite is very helpful and one probably the most powerful stone to attract money. Its green color, the color of growth and prosperity, is symbolic of the role it can play in your life. I like to have a piece of malachite around my workspace to remind me to remain optimistic and open to abundance.

It can be very helpful to have nearby when brainstorming ideas for potential opportunities. It has cerebral yet earthy energy relating it to material success and stability.

Steps to Using Malachite for Wealth + Success

There are multiple ways to harness the power of your crystals. Here are steps you can take to using a malachite crystal for luck and success.

Cleanse your malachite by putting it in the freezer overnight. This acts as an energy reset so you can program your malachite to your needs with more clarity. Plus, you don’t have to wait until the next Full Moon to ‘cleanse’ your crystal!

Warning! Do not put it in water and especially don’t make any gem elixirs with it! Malachite can be toxic when ingested.

These next steps you will be giving your crystal a job to do. Take your cleansed crystal and hold it in your right or dominant hand

Close your eyes and visualize the luck and success you envision for your life. Think of these energies as happening in the present moment. Think of the actions you need to take to achieve your goals and what avenues in your life will help you get there; work, special project, writing a book, etc.

Picture this energy going from your mind’s eye and into your malachite crystal for a few minutes. It can help to imagine an entire future scenario taking place. The imagination is a powerful tool of the mind

After a few minutes have passed, place the crystal in a space nearby where you will be working towards your goals. This may be in your home office, kitchen, near your computer, and so on. I am excited to hear about your results with this one!

2) Moss Agate
Moss agate is a beautiful marbly green stone, it is not technically an agate, as the name suggests. The gentle energy of moss agate can help improve your tenacity and persistence. Achieving luck and success can sometimes take a steady if somewhat stubborn mindset.

Moss Agate Metaphysical Properties

Moss agate is great for slowing you down and allowing you to evaluate each step with a clear, calculated, and steadfast approach. It helps you stay in the game when you feel like throwing in the towel. This stone allows you to find the pace that works for you so you won’t have to give up before the end.

Moss agate is great to have around when you are working on boring or tedious tasks related to your goals and aspirations. It helps you open up to a mindset of abundance.

Steps to Using Moss Agate For Wealth + Success

Agate is a great stone to get crafty with by making some agate jewelry! Wearing this stone is great because of its gentle vibration and continuous balancing effect it can have the body, mind, and soul. Here are steps for making your own moss agate crystal luck and success bracelet.

Head to your local beading store and gather up some materials. We are going to be making a moss agate bracelet! You will need the following supplies: about 25-30 loose spherical moss agate beads, stretchy string, and scissors. You can also choose to add a charm to your moss agate piece

After you have gathered your supplies you will need to set aside about 20 minutes

Cut a piece of your stretchy string with your scissors that will fit comfortably around your wrist — make sure to leave about 6 extra inches of string for tying a knot at the end

Start stringing your beads onto the string and as you do imagine abundance flowing into your life with ease. Picture your financial goals being achieved as if it is happening now

Once you have the desired amount of beads you can add your charm before tying it off with a secure knot and cut the excess string

I know crafting can be a bit of extra work but trust me the extra effort matches well with the hard-working vibration of moss agate. This process also alerts your subconscious mind to a shift taking place within you that is opening to luck and success!

Of course, you can choose to purchase a moss agate bracelet or replace the moss agate crystals with any green crystal that is available to you. It is ultimately about the intention.

3) Emerald
Emerald is a stone often associated with magic and mystery. This intriguing crystal gives off a vibe of elegance, wealth, and abundance. It is also associated with the goddess Venus and fertility because of its correspondence to growth.

Emerald comes in a light rocky green color to a vivid jewel-toned green. I actually prefer the more common emeralds as they tend to have a really subtle iridescent tone to them that reminds me of mermaids.

Emerald Metaphysical Properties

One of the main reasons emeralds are considered one of the most powerful gemstones for luck and success is because of their ability to open your mind to giving and receiving. It can help you get over any awkwardness around accepting success and sharing it with others.

Emeralds bring out your purest intentions and allow you to see situations from a win-win perspective as opposed to a win-lose. It helps you awaken and open your heart to a greater emotional experience and understanding about what it is you truly desire in your life.

Steps to Using Emerald for Wealth + Success

So what are the best ways to utilize emerald's properties you may ask? I have one simple suggestion in this case and it’s not what you may think!

After purchasing or acquiring your emerald, gift it to a friend in need.

This simple action can help you find the success you are looking for. Guaranteed…maybe…or at least I hope so…

If you don’t feel like giving away your emerald, that is okay! Remember working with crystals is not about judging yourself or anyone else. You need to do what is best for you.

4) Turquoise
Turquoise gets its bright blueish green color from copper which is esoterically associated with money, making this the perfect stone for attracting abundance. It is also associated with Jupiter, the planet of wealth and luck in astrology. So not only can it boost your financials it can also help turn your luck around as well!

Turquoise Metaphysical Properties

Turquoise connects you to the earth and the martial plane. It also has confidence-boosting energy helping you seek out what you want most in life. This stone keeps you grounded with reality and alert to potentials and pitfalls along the way.

Turquoise is especially helpful for spiritual business owners, as are many of the crystals on this list because it connects you to your larger purpose. It induces a mind-expanding quality which gives you a broader perspective and opportunity to see the bigger picture. It lets you manifest what you need and supports you in managing any excess in your life.

This crystal draws out the truth, it allows you to see aspects of your self you might be in denial about or blind to, think Jennifer Aydin from season 9 of the Real Housewives New Jersey.

Steps to Using Turquoise for Wealth + Success

Turquoise has been used in cultures around the world for its wealth increasing, protective, and fortune creating properties. You can access turquoise in much the same way. Here are the steps to using a turquoise crystal for luck and success…

This practice is best done on a Thursday as that day of the week is associated with luck and Jupiter…hey we take our manifestation rituals very seriously…nothing half-assed here!

Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil

Gather your turquoise and if you have malachite, quartz and anything copper bring that as well as it will help amplify the turquoise effects

Sit down at a table where you can be alone and undisturbed for about 10 minutes

Set your crystals and copper pieces around the writing space, you may even choose to light a candle at this time

Take about 5 minutes to list out 3 solid goals you have. Then write several steps you will take to achieve them

Spend time thinking about manifesting these things into your life and generating the energy of luck, abundance, and wealth within you

After you have completed your list read it out loud while holding the turquoise in your left or non-dominant hand

Set the paper on a shelf or table somewhere that you can leave it safely for the rest of the day. Put the turquoise crystal on top of the paper

The following day you may want to keep the turquoise in your workspace, purse, or somewhere else you will see it to remind you that you are lucky and can attract fortune into your life

5) Amber
The final crystal on our abundance list is amber. It is really a resin and not a crystal but for the sake of simplicity, I will be using the term crystal here…

Amber is mostly translucent and ranges in color from deep oranges and reds to warm browns and greens. It is frequently used in jewelry as stunning pendants, rings, and bracelets.

Amber Metaphysical Properties

The reason I put amber on this list is because of its warm, vibrant yet grounding energy. Like most of the crystals listed here, amber helps keep you present in the real world while also opening you up to the gifts of this material plane. It helps you understand the nature of abundance and the mindset needed for luck and success.

Amber can focus your unclear energy and helps you realize your potential. It strengthens your life force and personal energy centers for better flow and creativity on your ventures towards success. It has the golden appearance of honey which is associated with getting wealth and abundance to “stick” to you.

Steps to Using Amber for Wealth + Success

Honestly one of the best ways to work with many crystals is to wear them or carry them with you! This gives you a chance to fully take on the vibration and sense of their energy. Your aura will begin to radiate with the light of the crystal you are wearing, helping alter your perception of the world and the world of you. I suggest you do this with amber as well but you can also strategically place amber around your home or office for increased effect.

Here are the steps you can take to using amber for luck and success….

The more amber you have the better…we are trying to get wealthy here people. Gather up as many crystal amber related items as you can

Also, get some dried basil for added success

Pick a location you are wanting to infuse with the amber energy.

You are going to decorate your space with the amber

Put some pieces on your desk

Put some pieces in a bowl on your countertop

Place an amber crystal in each corner of the room

And one inside by the front door…but not outside because you don’t want success leaving you, you want to draw it in towards you

Use your creative eye and spiritual intuition when placing the crystals around, letting it be a somewhat spontaneous process

When you have gotten everything where you want it to retrieve your basil

Sprinkle the basil in each corner of the space you are working in. I know this sounds silly..but just try it.

You can add in other crystals if you have them like tiger’s eye, fire opal, agate, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, or citrine to draw out the best of amber’s spiritual properties

Conclusion: Putting Together a Powerhouse Kit of Crystals for Luck and Success!
Part of what makes crystals so useful is that they speak to us on a spiritual as well as subconscious level. Knowing a crystal can assist us in achieving luck and success automatically helps change our mindset from one of lack to luck.

When we want to attract prosperity we need to act on our psychic mind to help us get there. Crystals are just helpful tools and allies on the journey. If you are starting a spiritual business or want to see more success in your current healing practice then try putting together a kit of these crystals for success and wealth and abundance in all parts of life. I am looking forward to seeing what you all do with this information and hearing your success stories!

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