5 Powerful Crystals for New Beginnings

Crystals seem to be the cure-all for everything these days and in many ways, they can be a great boost to wellness, both emotional and physical. Here are 5 of the best crystals you can use when beginning something new.

Is this a new beginning?

Sometimes it can be tough to recognize the newness in something. Of course, there are the obvious new beginnings in life — a new job, moving house, a new relationship, etc. But what about the more subtle changes, the perspective shifts, and personal evolution over time? I like to think of these times as new beginnings as well.

If you feel stuck in a rut or desperate for something to be different in your life, then take a pause and look around. There are new beginnings happening all the time. Each morning when you wake up is a new day. Everything is fresh and open-ended.

Think back to just a few months ago…I can almost bet you something is totally different about you! It may be just that you have a different view of yourself or you’ve set a new goal perhaps. Things are constantly shifting, ending, and starting anew in life. I think we just need to take a step back at times and recognize all the progress we have made.

Now that we got that out of the way lets get into the 5 best crystals to have along for new beginnings…

5 Crystals for New Beginnings
Depending on the new phase you are embarking on will determine which crystals may better be able to assist you at this time. All of the crystals mentioned here are great for a number of things really! But it can be helpful to focus in their energy based on your needs. As you read this list hone in on your intuition. See which gemstone colors you are most attracted to, to know which crystal or combination of crystals will best suit you during this new beginning phase.

1) Green Aventurine
The first crystal on my list in Green Aventurine. This crystal is a powerhouse when it comes to starting off something new! Its green color indicates its relationship to growth and helps you open up to possibilities. I recommend that you have this crystal by your side at the start of your next life adventure.

Green Aventurine Abilities

So what exactly does Green Aventurine do to help with new beginnings? Well, I am glad you asked! This vibrant little green crystal can pack a spiritual punch!

It can help with the following:

Boost energy

Inspire confidence

Increase understanding

Balance the body, mind, and soul

One of the main aspects that this crystal assists you with is creating room to grow. It can help you invite new experiences into your life. This stone also allows you to view life with a sense of humor even in the face of extreme challenges or difficult transitions.

Green Aventurine allows you to see the patterns within yourself that you have outgrown. This stone is life-affirming. It helps you take things in your life to that next level. Pretty kick ass right?

On a mystical level, this crystal helps you resonate with new frequencies, allowing you to open to what lies ahead. It gives you the assurances you need to know you are on the right path. Everything is right there in front of you — all you have to do is change the lens through which you see the world.

Let your eyes see with a new perspective. Give yourself the chance to try on a new point of view so you can be ready for this next step in your life!

How to Use Green Aventurine

Now that you have an idea of what Green Aventurine can gift you with let’s talk about how you can use it. It is an excellent stone to carry with you in your bag or pocket. A tumbled aventurine typically has a bright yet soothing sea green color with an almost turquoise like complexion.

This is a good stone to just have with you in the day to day. Anytime you feel your energy dipping or you are a tad too cynical about what is going on around you then reach for this crystal. Hold it in your left hand in order for its energy to be absorbed into you more easily.

As you hold it in your palm, consciously remind yourself to see the humor in life’s ups and downs. Have graciousness for yourself and others — I am sure you are doing the best you can! Let Green Aventurine remind you to take life as it comes. It is okay to do each day one step a time.

2) Smoky Citrine
The next crystal I recommend for new beginnings is Smokey Citrine. This natural mineral is a pale yellow color with a slightly brownish/gray tone to it. Its energy is pure and clarifying while at the same time being grounded and present.

Smoky Citrine, not to be confused with the heat-treated Citrine, has an almost otherworldly quality to it. The more common Citrine you find on the market is often amethyst that has been heat treated to a deep orange or amber-like color with a milky base. Genuine Citrine has a much more gentle and clear appearance.

Smoky Citrine Abilities

Smoky Citrine can help with the following:

Expand creativity

Strengthen inspiration

Direct the Will

Clarify desires

Ground and focuses erratic energies

This crystal is excellent for starting new projects or stimulating growth experiences because of its connection to your personal will power. The Will is the part of yourself that directs and manages your energy output. When you are ready to manifest your dreams into reality then Smokey Citrine can focus this center of power within you!

If you are starting a new spiritual business and need direction, are meeting someone for the first time, or planning out a new project then Smokey Citrine can help illuminate your path. It connects to your energy field to bring you into alignment. When you are feeling aligned from within you are more likely to be focused and efficient in the outer world.

How to Use Smoky Citrine

Citrine is an active, day type of crystal. Some crystals, say Moonstone or Lepidolite come alive at night and are great for dream enhancement, while others are better for activating and energizing you in waking life. Citrine is best worked with at Sunrise.

Upon waking up you may choose to do a morning meditation while holding onto your Smoky Citrine. Placing it in your right-hand lets your subconscious know you want to take action with focus and readiness.

Another way you can work with Smokey Citrine is to charge your water with it. Place the Citrine in a glass of water overnight. Remove the crystal in the morning and drink the water upon waking. This allows you to bring a boost of energy into your life during this time of transition and newness.

3) Calcite
Calcite allows for clarity and centeredness. It is an abundant mineral that comes in a wide variety of colors and translucencies ranging from opaque to ‘crystal clear’ And yup. Pun intended.

You can find Calcite in:

Yellow Calcite

Honey Calcite (if you were wondering, yes, there is a separate category for this one)

Blue Calcite

Red Calcite

Clear Calcite

Pink Calcite

Green Calcite

Orange Calcite

This is an all-around supportive stone that makes it perfect for new beginnings. It allows you to find balance, clarity, and confidence in new ventures.

Calcite Abilities

Calcite is a hard-working stone with a ton of potential and uses. It gives you room to play and relax a little — releasing some of the excess pressures that we tend to put on ourselves. This crystal can help with the following:

Finding Balance

Having Confidence

Increasing Innovation

Energy Alignment

Working with Calcite allows you to put things in perspective. It will help you ease up on yourself and others. Its vibration is gentle yet increases in power steadily over time as you get used to the shifting energies of your life and new experiences.

How to Use Calcite

Calcite is best used for aligning the different energy systems in the body. It helps channel energy in a clear and straightforward way assisting you in times of transition. The many color variations that exist with Calcite make it easy to find one for each of the 7 chakras.

Red Calcite- Root Chakra

Orange Calcite - Sacral Chakra

Honey Calcite - Solar Plexus Chakra

Green Calcite - Heart Chakra

Blue Calcite - Throat Chakra

Clear Calcite - Third Eye Chakra

White Calcite - Crown Chakra

You may choose to lay them out in a crystal grid pattern on top of an image of the Flower of Life. Following this step, enter into a meditation focusing on your spine. Visualize the energy moving clearly and smoothly within you imagining the various colors of the Calcite supporting each chakra in aligning you with this new beginning.

4) Fire Opal
The brilliant reds, oranges, and iridescence of fire opal make this an excellent crystal for new beginnings. This energizing crystal has so many benefits for newbies on a journey. It breaks down barriers of self-consciousness and shame instead of inspiring greatness and confidence!

Fire Opal Abilities

This spirited crystal is associated with the element fire and therefore corresponds to passion and creativity. I love how it promotes even the most timid person to let their wild side peek through. What more could you ask for when starting something new but shameless abandon?

Fire Opal can help with the following:

Encourages success

Opens up the heart’s desires

Brightens creativity

Removes inhibitions

Whenever we start something new there are so many questions and even fears that can crop up. We may start frantically and comically running through a myriad of all the things that we can do to screw up this opportunity.

Fire Opal can help squash these fears. It helps you stay true to your authentic self even in the face of change, increased responsibility, or growing exposure in your work or relationship. This crystal lets you give less of a crap how you will be judged.

It will help you embrace your personal choices without fear of what people will say or think about you. Fire Opal is the ultimate crystal for honest self-expression and passionate creative identity.

How to Use Fire Opal

Fire opal is best used set in jewelry or accessories. Wearing this crystal will instantly brighten up your vitality and life force. It allows others to be attracted to your ideas. The confidence it instills when worn inherently creates a magnetizing effect. It allows you to grow your influence and following organically and with ease.

Fire opal rings are especially helpful for artists, craftspeople, or anyone who works with their hands because of their creativity-enhancing properties.

Another option for working with this crystal is to set it on an altar or workspace. Every time you feel self-doubt in your abilities creeping in pick up your fire opal for a boost in self-assurance. Let its energy help you stay determined and focused on your new path.

5) Rutilated Quartz
The last crystal for your new beginnings tool kit is Rutilated Quartz. This variety of quartz brings together clear quartz with metallic colored mineral inclusions. This is one of the best crystals to have with you when starting something new.

Its vibration can inspire motivation and speed up slowed or stalled energies. Working with this crystal can help expand your awareness — putting you in touch with a deeper sense of purpose.

Rutilated Quartz Abilities

This crystal is great for clearing out mental fog and making space for fresh experiences. It can help with the following:

Spark innovation

Amplify other crystals

Enhance communication

Shift Perspectives

When starting something new it is important to have activating and focused energy around you. Rutilated Quartz does just this. If you had to choose only one crystal from this list to have with you at this time then I would suggest this one!

This variety of Quartz opens you up to abundance. It can stimulate you on a physical, emotional, and metaphysical level, activating every aspect of your psyche.

Rutilated Quartz reminds me of the planet Uranus…cue jokes about how to pronounce the name of this planet now…

In astrology, Uranus is the planet of unpredictability, electricity, and genius. It sparks within you your creativity and innovation. This can be immensely helpful if you are embarking on opening a spiritual, creative, or healing business.

How to Use Rutilated Quartz

The best way to use this crystal is to store up ideas and energy in it. Rutilated Quartz can be infused with your vision of what success can look like simply by your visualization of it. It will take on the vibration you give it.

By meditating with it or consciously imagining your ideas being transmitted into it you have an opportunity to store up and access these energies at any time. Strategically place this crystal in the building or workspace of a new business to help drive success.

Another option I like to suggest for working with this crystal is to wear it in jewelry like a necklace. A Rutilated Quartz pendant can feel a bit overwhelming to your energy field at first but can be very helpful once your body adjusts to its vibration. If your new beginning requires you to stay active, present and focused wearing this crystal can assist in keeping you alert!

What to do next with your crystals for new beginnings?
One of the best things about working with crystals is the variety that exists among them. There are so many options when it comes to properties, colors, and uses you can really individualize it to your needs. As you start a new chapter in your life contemplate the pure potential crystals can help you to unlock.

Many of us have dreams, hell, I have tons of them — but the magic is in how we manifest and realize them. New beginnings can be a challenge but they can also be exciting. Moving to a new city, starting a new career path, or even something seemingly smaller such as making a change to your appearance can bring up all sorts of feelings and judgments.

The trick is to let judgment be damned. There will always be people judging and evaluating us so it would seem. It is important to approach ourselves with less judgment, especially when starting something new. We are hardly ever perfect straight out of the gate and that is okay!

Many things take multiple versions of trial and error before they are successful. Let one or all of these 5 crystal help you out!

Green Aventurine

Smoky Citrine


Fire Opal

Rutilated Quartz

Determine which one resonates with you most or combine several for maximum effect. Which crystal do you want to take with you on your next new beginning?

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