8 Crystals For Dreaming And Sleep

There are many beautiful crystals for dreaming and sleep. Some crystals will enhance your dreams and sleep, while others will leave you feeling drained when you wake up.

The most magical time of day, to me, is bedtime. With the goal of shutting off our mind for the day and awakening our subconscious, we can explore our desires and work through problems that we've experienced during the day.

Before I share with you the crystals for dreaming, I want to encourage you to start with one crystal first for three days. This will help to figure out if the crystal you've selected is actually helping you get restful sleep or not. You may also find that over the years, your sleep needs change from either desperately needing sleep to then wanting to experience lucid dreaming or eventually doing some astral travel.

Working with crystals for sleep, and recalling your dreams can require you to work with different stones throughout your lifetime. Like people, different crystals come into your life for different reasons and maybe only a season. Keep an open mind as you experiment with these crystals.

8 Crystals For Dreaming + Sleep
There are many choices when it comes to picking the perfect crystals for dreaming. These are my favorite crystals for dreaming and a good night's sleep.

Moonstone - A gentle crystal that helps you tap into the energy of the moon that acts as a psychic protector and facilitates relaxing sleep by reducing the emotional tension you may have experienced during the day.

Amethyst - there's some debate whether you should have Amethyst in your bedroom for sleeping. As it's a member of the quartz family, which means magnification of energy and a powerful third eye crystal, you may not want to have it in your bedroom if you're looking for profoundly restful sleep.

However, others swear by Amethyst as it's also a gentle crystal. And for the reasons I just mentioned, if you're looking for lucid dreams and connecting with your higher self, it may be the perfect crystal for you.

Hematite - This stone is very grounding, and if you've been struggling with insomnia, you may find that a profoundly grounding crystal to help keep you asleep is just what you need.

Albite - This stone eliminates the fear of the unknown and helps you to figure out the next steps you should take in your life during sleep.

Shaman's Stone - Also known as Lodolite or Garden Quartz, Shaman's stone has these amazing little worlds inside them and are fantastic for astral travel and lucid dreams. Because this crystal is a member of the quartz family, you may find its amplification of energy a bit too much if you feel like you're really busy during dreamtime.

Covellite - This stone helps to ward off negative thoughts that can prevent you from unlocking your psychic gifts and doing some astral travel during sleep. It's also great to help you get back into a regular sleep routine.

Celestite- A very calming stone of the angels, celestite will help you to access the akashic records and opens you up to explore your spiritual path.

Tiger's Eye - if you've got a mind that feels like it's got 85 browser tabs open at all times, you'll find that Tiger's Eye can help you cut down on that noise and calm your mind.

How To Use Crystals For Dreaming
The beautiful thing about healing crystals is that it is simple to work with them. You can simply have them near you, in your energy field, or meditate with them. How easy or complicated you choose to make the process if up to you!

Is sleeping with crystals under your pillow a good idea? I know some suggest putting a crystal under your pillow, but then you open yourself up to the possibility of the crystal falling to the floor and breaking or the crystal hurting you during what's supposed to be restful sleep. Instead, put the crystals under your bed (they'll still work).

Crystals under the bed - not in the bed, mind you. You can place a single crystal under your bed or assemble a crystal grid to magnify the intentions of your sleep.

Crystals On Your Nightstand - you can place your crystals on your nightstand so that it is in your energy field, which extends about four feet around you.

Crystal Healing Jewelry - wearing crystal jewelry is an easy way to work with crystals for dreaming and sleep. I'd suggest going with a tumbled crystal if you want to wear a necklace or get yourself a simple crystal ring that's comfortable to wear during sleep.

Ritual - before you head off to dreamland, you can hold your crystal in your left hand (your receptive hand) or place it on your third eye chakra as you focus on your intention for sleep for a few minutes. Once you're done, place the crystal on the nightstand and drift off to sleep.

Can Crystals Keep You Awake?
Yes, they can! While there are many crystals to help you get a good night's sleep, there are crystals that will keep you awake. And some of the crystals that I've mentioned may do that to you, too. That's why you must try one crystal at a time to find what your body resonates with.

Generally, when you are researching crystal meanings, you'll want to avoid crystals that have anything to do with raising your energy if you're trying to get back to simple sleep and not worried about lucid dreaming.

You'll find that some crystals have such a high vibration (what others say are too powerful) that they actually interrupt your sleep or send you into a lucid dream state that leaves you exhausted from everything you experienced during the night.

One crystal that is not for the new crystal person is Moldavite. If you're not used to its energy, you may find yourself getting the exact opposite of a restful night's sleep.

Crystals For Nightmares
Lepidolite - is the perfect stone for calming the environment for restful sleep and to shoo away those nightmares. Lepidolite is a lithium-rich mica mineral that helps to reduce your anxiety that can become fuel for nightmares.

Smoky Quartz- an excellent stone for amplification of grounding energy to shield you from negative energies.

Pink Calcite - a gentle and loving pink crystal that reminds me of sleeping in a cozy blanket that will help to prevent nightmares from happening in the first place.

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