Crystal for Anxiety? Of Course There's Some

Let’s get this straight: your feelings are valid. Life can be a lot. But you decided you want to take steps to feel better, and we’re so glad you’re here, boo! Take a deep breath, relax your jaw, and here we go!

The crystals we chose as powerful tools to use in self-healing ritual to address the causes of anxiety are Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, and Lepidolite. The following will go over rituals one may use with each, as you explore your abilities and magic, tapping into the divinity within yourself and the web of energy that connects all things.

Overview of Ritual Work
The following is an overview of steps in ritual work to help you get the most out of working with the crystals!

Your Power
Never give away your power to anyone or anything. It is up to you to decide what feels right and resonates with you. I share the following of what has made a powerful impact in my practice, hoping you make it your own with your magic! :)

Opening Sacred Space
When working with energy, it is powerful to open up sacred space to prepare yourself. How I open sacred space:

“I, (my name), on (the date), at (the location) open this sacred space. I call upon my spirit guides (their names), my ancestors (their names), (the elements), (the directions), and call in my spirit guides (whom I met in a dream), ancestors (the ones I feel connected to), my teachers (their names), and spirits of the stones (the ones I’m working with), and I only allow healing energies that are here for my highest good. This sacred space is now open.”

Now, that may seem like a lot, but everyone is different! You do you boo! Open your sacred space in a way that feels best for you, based on your own spiritual beliefs, experiences, and background. Making the opening your own will allow for the most authenticity, and connect you more deeply to the ritual work.

Closing Sacred Space
When your ritual is over, if you opened sacred space, certainly remember to close sacred space to release all whom you had called to help you! I like to say:

“I am closing this sacred space. Thank you (name each energy), our work, for now, is done. You may return to your dwellings if you’d like to! This sacred space is now closed.”

Closing allows the energies to relax, and to establish the work, for now, is done. For sure, make sure to do a close if you do an open! I have had the experience of feeling in an unsettled altered state all day, only to realize I did not close sacred space!

Imagine if you invited your friends over, and you were hanging with them serving sparkling cider and cookies and playing board games, then you just started acting like they weren’t there anymore! They would be confused! It’s way more organized and polite to say, “Hey guys, thanks so much for coming! The party is over, for now, so you can go home if you’d like.” I usually leave it open if they want to hang out a little longer, and it leaves it up for them to head home when they want. Feel it out, have that dialogue. Remember, the more you talk to them and create a relationship, the stronger the friendships get :)

Post-Ritual: Grounding / Earth Energy
Additionally, these rituals can bring up many feelings, so give yourself the tenderness and time to ground after completing one. Grounding may look like drinking a chamomile tea, eating a healthy meal, listening to calming music, or working with the earth’s energy.

When working with crystals, we are usually working with gifts from the earth (an exception is something like meteorite!), so it’s only natural to strengthen our relationship with mother earth when working with crystals. Additionally, without mother earth, we would not be able to exist! And gosh, mother earth loves us dearly! When you get a chance, lay on the ground near a tree and look up to see how mother earth sees: what she sees are upside-down trees! Now turn over and face the earth and imagine the view she has of your face :) Smile at her and tell her thank you! That means so much to her! She is there for you :)

A grounding meditation:
Stand barefoot, on the earth, and close your eyes. Visualize roots growing from the bottoms of your feet down into the earth. You are steady.

Earth energy clearing meditation
Get on your hands and knees, and put your forehead to the earth. Visualize the energy of the earth come up through your toes, up to your legs, through your spine, up to your head, through your brain, out through your forehead. Feel the circulation of energy through you. Let any painful or chaotic energy pour out of you, into the earth. The earth, in turn, transmutes and fills your body with fresh, clean energy.

Amethyst - connect
It’s time to connect to your higher self. This stone is associated with the crown chakra, your energy center that allows you to connect to the spirit.

Connecting to spirit means connecting to the purest divinity that is you. With this stone, you must set the intention to look inward to guide yourself to see why you are feeling the way you are. What are the toxic behaviors, patterns, and beliefs that put you in a place of feeling bad?

An example can be as simple as a feeling of incompetence that one learned at a young age when they saw their sibling get higher grades than they did. This feeling of incompetency may be seen now in feelings of inability to handle responsibilities and tasks. That belief is not super helpful as an adult, is it? We want to recognize those beliefs so we can let them go.

It’s going to be something for you. It’s something for everyone. An excellent way to begin is to cleanse your amethyst, thank it, and hold it in your hands in a quiet spot as you close your eyes. Feel that anxious feeling, and go back as far as you can remember to the first time you felt that way. What beliefs formed at that moment? What patterns started? It may be hard to face, but you must not be ashamed. Be the brave ferocious warrior you are, and look at yourself. What do you need to heal? Let amethyst be a channel of intention to connect with the divinity within you.

A Ritual: Amethyst Dreams
Amethyst is also powerful to work with using water. Not all crystals are safe in water, but amethyst is. Put that baby in that jar of water you charged under that last full moon, pour yourself a glass, drink it, and set the intention to find answers in your dreams. When you wake, immediately (don’t look at that phone!) begin writing down anything you can. Even if you don’t remember everything, more will come as you write. What happened in those dreams? How did you feel? What do those feelings tell you? Did any symbols or animals show up? Look their meaning up. Repeat for seven days.

A Ritual: Cosmic Womb Healing Bath
Step 1: Draw a warm bath. Cleanse and thank the amethyst, put it in your bath (If you don’t have a bathtub available, a bed and two or three heavy blankets is an alternative for this ritual).

Step 2: A plant of power may also be added to the water or burned if it is a nontoxic plant. Is there a particular plant from childhood or the scent of a flower that speaks to you powerfully? You may not find it right away, but when it’s time, it will find you. In the meantime, if you desire, lavender will undoubtedly work to relax into a state for spiritual connection.

Step 3: Get in the water, put your head under (if with blankets, get under the blankets with the amethyst with you-but water is ideal). Visualize the water of your mother’s womb around you; you are safe. Is your relationship with your mother painful? Then this is a healing opportunity that is necessary- time to thank your mother for her part in giving you life (even if there is nothing else you can thank her for, this is still a gift she gave you). Next, visualize the water around you become the cosmic womb. You are held; you are loved.

Amethyst is not limited to working in these ways. In my direct experience, crystals are spirits, entire universes unto themselves. Speak to, thank, and take care of your stone. Activate it with your energy, and see what rituals come to you through thoughts, feelings, dreams, or synchronicities—the more personal, the better.

Remember, the energy of the universe is in an ebb and flow. In Quechua (the language of the indigenous people in the high Andes of Peru), this energy exchange is known as “Anyi,” meaning “reciprocity,” but more deeply an understanding the universe works where you get out what you put in. Working with crystals is no different; the more you work with them and treat them with respect and love, the more they return the energy.

Smokey Quartz
You are now doing so much healing work with Amethyst as an ally, and it is hard work. Now, healing smokey quartz is here—a warm mist closing in to shield you as you continue to do your healing work.

A Ritual
Step 1: cleanse your home (you may burn plants used for smoke medicine such as lavender, juniper, rosemary, etc.). It is also most useful to clear out items of toxic significance: objects of addiction, sadness, clutter, trash. Now is the time to also clear your digital life, social media friends who are unhealthy, any photos that make you sad…Each time thanking the object for teaching you what you don’t want in your life, and letting it go with gratitude. This is work. But the more you do, the more momentum you will have. This is your chance to clear.

Step 2: Then, you may put a cleansed and thanked smokey quartz in water, set your intention, and sprinkle the water around the edges of your home to spread the invisibility cloak of smokey quartz. You may also apply the water above doorways, windows, etc. Then place your smokey quartz in a safe central location of your home.

Anything that comes in after this will be something that you invite in, either consciously or subconsciously-physically, energetically, or digitally. The truth is anything that was there before was also something you invited in, even if you didn’t realize it. Now though, you are on the journey of paying attention to make what would be subconscious into your conscious awareness, thus waking up in the dream that is life. Pay attention to your feelings; if something shows up, recognize it and continue to work with amethyst to work through what is inside you that needs attention and healing.

Good job, love; that was a lot to think about. Now, just one last crystal for your triad of healing: Lepidolite. This is a beautiful, gentle stone known to help facilitate change. It is a stone of transformation, and that’s what’s happening; you are becoming a beautiful butterfly!

As you keep working on yourself, each layer of the spiritual awakening onion will peel back. It’s not a linear journey; instead, self-healing is a spiral, where we come back to the same lesson again if there was more to learn, making a little progress each time.

Lepidolite is a beautiful stone to use as you move energy in transformation: you can put her on an altar, in a crystal grid, or use her intuitively. Just don’t put this one in water! Pretty much any stone ending in “ite” is a water no-go. You may also place Lepidolite in areas of your home you may need the most help transitioning, such as the kitchen if a relationship with food is a source of anxiety, under the bed if intimacy is a source of anxiety, etc. Just as with the Amethyst and Smokey Quartz, cleanse the Lepidolite, thank it, and activate it with your intention.

One of the most powerful lessons of Lepidolite is “let go.” If there is something in our lives that seems “attached” to us, it is because we are holding onto it for some reason. All we have to do is figure out why we are holding onto it. One lovely example is from Rue Paul. He explained he would always be late for things, being super anxious and rushing to get to a place. Then during his self-healing journey, he realized he was late to things because he got a high or a rush from running to get to an event. He explained once he made conscious that he was holding onto something and made the decision to “let go” of the addiction to that rush of well, rushing, he was able to be on time for things. But what does “letting go” feel like? The following practice may help:

Take a cleansed and thanked Lepiodite and put it nearby. Take a pen and piece of paper and answer these questions:

Why are you holding onto something when you don’t want to. What is that deep belief?

Where did that belief first come from?

Why are you ready to let go of it?

Find your “why” you want to change. Finding your “why” may take time, and it may be days in this step, figuring it out, but once you have a healthy “why” to help you let go, you can. If you have no idea what you need to let go of, pay attention in your daily life to your feelings. What are your emotions telling you? Once you start paying attention and have the intention to pay attention, these will be revealed.

Once the questions are complete, put the paper under the Lepidolite overnight.

The next day, fold the paper, put it in your hand, and close your fist and hold it over the recycling bin (an unlit fire pit would be great too, you could light it after). With your tightly closed fist, feel that tension, how it feels to hold onto something. Then think of your why, why you want to release this. Then open your hand, and let the paper fall. Feel what it feels like for your hand to be so relaxed. Feel that feeling of release; let that relaxation spread from your hand, up to your wrist, to your arm, through your whole body. Keep that why in mind. If you “slip,” just know it’s not going backward, healing is a spiral, but you are making a little bit of progress each time.

And that’s all my loves; let your magic guide you and trust the process. The path of spiritual healing can be intense at times, but it is also joyful! Celebrate your wins, buy yourself flowers, and enjoy the ride. It is the most rewarding and magical journey one may make!

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Good luck and blessings!

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