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It’s time to get that money, honey! The crystals known as powerful tools to use in a money and abundance ritual are Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Citrine, and a Clear quartz

These stones are excellent for supporting you as you step into your power and go for it!

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The crystal grid focuses on supporting you as you work toward your dreams. And working toward your goals feels good! You are supported, and you better believe you can do it! :) The following will be some magic making tips and will go over properties and uses of the crystals for money: Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Citrine, and Clear Quartz.

Pyrite: Grounding and Abundance
Pyrite is named after the Greek word for “fire.” They named this crystal “Pyrite”, because if you strike the stone with iron, it creates a spark. Pyrite has been used to start fires for thousands of years. We can use pyrite as a catalyst as we spark the fire within ourselves to chase our dreams!

Pyrite crystallizes in many ways, including cubes! In the same way that pyrite crystalizes in many ways, we can take many paths to abundance and happiness. There is not only one way to get there!

Pyrite deposits are found all around the world, including in the United States! The Greeks, Romans, and Inca have used pyrite in jewelry; however, we no longer use it in jewelry since we don’t want to get it wet! (Reminder: most any stone ending with an “ite” is toxic when wet).

Opens in new taThe Inca also used the pyrite as mirrors! It is highly reflective when polished. You can place pyrite near the entrance of your home to reflect back negative energy so it cannot enter your home. It is a very protective stone.
Pyrite is linked to fire signs, so if you are an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius this stone is especially for you! For all the signs, a connection to the fire element and directing that fire where you want is powerful. Pyrite encourages you to take action and follow your dreams,

And of course what you are here for: it is known as a money stone! It is shiny, beautiful, looks opulent, and is amazing for grounding. Money is physical, so a crystal for grounding you into your presence in your life is beneficial :)

Green Aventurine: Wealth and Good Luck
Now that we acknowledge we are here, we can begin to grow. Green Aventurine is a fantastic stone for growth. Green is the color of the heart chakra and allows us to be open to receive. When we are open and operate in love, we are open to all good opportunities.

Additionally, when we are operating from our heart center, we can make money from a loving space. It also allows us to know that we are worthy of making money and living comfortably. Within the heart, you also know your worth; just as you operate in love, you learn to only have the tolerance for being treated with love as well. It’s a lot easier to grow when we are feeling good :) <3

Green aventurine is also a very lucky stone! As you operate in love, love comes back to you! But it is healthy to remember to be good because we are good! We are one with the divine source, which is love and good, and we feel better when we are connected to our true nature. You can carry this crystal for money with you in your pocket or your purse!

Dream Work
As your falling asleep (either at night or for a nap in the day):

Have the intention to connect with the spirit of green aventurine. Lay down and place green aventurine on your sternum, and close your eyes. Your sternum is the location of the energy center known as the heart chakra. Imagine the stone filling with white light from the source and then overflowing into your heart chakra. As your heart chakra fills with white light, feel the love fill your whole chest. Then feel the white light spread to your spine. From there, feel the white love light flow up your spine into your brain, then filling your whole brain. Feel the white source light flow into your eyeballs and your third eye. Look at the back of your eyelids; do you see the black and purple shapes? Keep looking deeper and deeper into those black and purple shapes, and move your focus up to your third eye. Watch as those shapes become visuals. Keep calm to stay in a trance, and see what happens. You’ll be entering the space between sleep and awake, where many messages are. What does green aventurine have to say to you?

Citrine: The Merchant’s Stone
Citrine is called the merchant’s stone for its properties to help accumulate wealth, as well as maintain it. It is a stone of manifestation and success in all things good. Put some citrine in your purse or wallet to attract wealth, as well as stop excessive outflow.

This stone is an excellent stone to have for success and abundance! Citrine is a stone of imagination, manifestation, and personal will. It carries the power of the sun and is warm, comforting, energizing, and life-giving. It stimulates willpower and sustains the process as we transform dreams into reality. It encourages the fullness of life and new pursuits. Citrine also works out problems on the physical and subtle levels, transforming negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.

Citrine is known to support business interactions, especially careers where networking plays a critical role in success. Citrine is a soothing stone for interpersonal relationships, facilitating solutions, and creative problem-solving. It helps with understanding and working through absorbed projections from those around us. It is also known as a great gift to give newborns to help them grow up with success.

Linked to the sacral chakra, it connects us to our divine creativity! The sacral chakra is linked to our sexual energy, which is our creation/creative energy! Citrine is an excellent stone for channeling that sacral energy to give creation and birth to new projects, which yield abundance. It also supports us in creative problem solving or identifying innovative ways to make money. Pairing Citrine with Green Aventurine creates an epic duo of combining love with creativity!

All our creations are our babies and carry the energy of the parent that brought them to life. In the same way, make sure to take care of your creations, create them with love, and let them out into the world to make it a better place!

Citrine is a stone of transition as well. Citrine is a type of quartz that was amethyst but exposed to extreme amounts of heat! Citrine will allow you to transform and withstand the “heat” of any endeavor you take! Citrine takes a long time to form in nature, so know as you move toward your goals, it does take time. However, time in the linear way we experience it in our daily life allows us to experience progress, which is incredibly rewarding and teaches us so many lessons!

Ideas for using citrine:

Wear while working to increase will power, enhance creativity, and manifest success.

Keep under your pillow or near your bed to manifest dreams into reality.

Write your financial goals on a piece of paper and place it under a citrine crystal.

Pop citrine in your pocket for the day when needing some extra willpower

Use citrine in a crystal grid, along with other abundance crystals.

Clear Quartz: Amplify
Clear quartz is one of the most used and well-known stones used in healing with crystals. Clear quartz is the most versatile, has neutral energy. When working with other stones, it takes on the quality of other stones, amplifying their properties.

Clear quartz also clears our mind and connection: providing clarity in thought.

Clear quartz is linked to the crown chakra, acting as a channel to connect intentions to the source. It allows us to receive even more information than we otherwise would. It is associated with angelic, pure white energy.

Our entire chakra system can also be harmonized with clear quartz, allowing a flow of energy as we move toward our dreams. Clear quartz also harmonizes other crystals nearby, like the pyrite, green aventurine, and citrine we are working with to align us with abundance. It is pure, soothing, affordable, and a wonderful crystal for daily life.

Clear quartz is found on all continents, in all parts of the world. This means the quartz is incredibly abundant. Quartz is very tough and not easily damaged. When perfectly formed, it looks like glass. You can often find rainbow bits in quartz when reflected in the light. You can also see phantom shapes in quartz, giving a quartz stone a unique personality! The variations of quartz allow us to see our perfection in all the things that make us unique. In all variations, quartz is incredibly beautiful, just like us!

Blessings and Good Luck!
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