Crystals For EMF Protection So You Can Stop Feeling Drained

Have you ever considered working with crystals for EMF protection? Maybe a better question is have you ever noticed how drained you feel after working in front of a computer all day long but not really have any idea why?

If you've never heard about EMFs I'll do my best to sum it up. It's actually not some woo-woo mumbo jumbo but something that you're being affected by all the time.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy. The natural world around us produces electromagnetic fields that are pretty low in the intensity of energy output and not harmful to our bodies.

Then there are EMFs associated with the use of electrical devices like your cell phone, your computer, your television, your microwave oven, and the list goes on. I talk more about how EMFs affect your body in this post. These frequencies are bad news for your physical and etheric body interfering with how it naturally operates and then affecting you in not fun ways.

When you're constantly exposed to all of this electromagnetic smog you may find that you (or your client) may experience:


Difficulty concentrating






Memory loss


It's not like we can just pack up and go live in a tent somewhere because technology is here to stay, but you can use crystals for EMF protection, but not just any crystal.

Crystals for EMF Protection
When you're looking to use crystals for EMF protection there are two REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS to remember:

☠Do NOT use any powerfully magnetic crystal near your laptop or external hard drives because then you can kiss your data buh-bye.
☠Do NOT use any type of Quartz (or other silicate crystals) near electronic devices because they are semiconductors of energy and will amplify the EMFs from said devices. That is the LAST thing you want for this application.

Crystals To Use:






Black Tourmaline

How To Use Crystals for EMF Protection
The goal is to create a barrier anywhere between you and the devices. I have ten pieces of black tourmaline in front of my Mac and external hard drive on my desk. I have also done this in my husband's man cave by placing black tourmaline in front of his computer and near his vintage light up beer signs. I've noticed a difference for sure.

Place them in between you and your devices.

Wear them as a necklace or put it in your purse/pocket.

While you can use all of these crystals in combination or choose a specific one to use exclusively. Then you may want to see how you're feeling after they have been in place.

Or get yourself an either an EMF detector or copper dowsing rods to test for yourself how much the electromagnetic smog has been reduced. I love using my copper dowsing rods to do a before and after to see how much I've reduced my own exposure to the EM smog.

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