Do You Have To Charge Crystals?

Do you have to charge crystals? What does that even mean?

There seem to be tons of rules and regulations from the crystal community on what you're supposed to do with your crystals. And trying to keep them all straight is difficult.

In fact, it's taken me one year to figure out what I thought were hard and fast rules in the tarot community are mainly just myths.

But I think it's important to get to the bottom of this idea of charging crystals, what it means and why you would want to do that.

What Does It Mean To Charge Crystals?
I will tell you that when I first heard the term from many people it was interchanged with the idea of cleansing a crystal.

"Make sure you charge your crystal" would be said by others as "make sure you cleanse your crystals" as the first tip given by anyone that would tell a newbie what they need to do with their new stone. Which makes it confusing.

Charging and cleansing in our normal life don't mean the same thing, so why are these words mixed up in the crystal community? I don't cleanse my phone, I charge it. And I don't charge my house, I clean it.

Anyway, I've done some research to make sure that you get the TRUTH. Which is kinda funny to say because at the end of the day most of the ideas we have in the world are made up by someone, seconded by another and we all go with it, right?

Anyway, when someone says you need to charge your crystal, they are essentially saying that you need to program your crystal - program means to set an intention for that crystal to help you manifest an outcome.

Charging = Programming/Set An Intention For An Outcome

Charging = Special Energy Infusement (Full Moon, for example)

Cleansing = Cleansing

Cleansing ≠ Charging

Here's how others explain what it means to charge a crystal:
Scott Cunningham: Before using them (crystal) in magic, stones should be 'charged' or 'programmed' with energy. This is done simply by holding the stone in your projective hand (usually the right), visualizing your magical need, and pouring energy out from your body into the stone.

Uma Silbey: To charge a crystal is to enliven it, to increase its power, or to endow it with specific energetic qualities.

Nicholas Pearson: To program (or alternatively, to charge) a crystal is to imbue it with an intention so that we can attain the desired outcome.

Do You Have To Charge Crystals?

I don't and I'll tell you why I don't charge my crystals.

Because I'm old and I forget what intention I charged with the crystal.

Seriously... I do much better with crystal grids for manifesting an intention. But, that's me and you do you, boo.

And there are some others in the crystal community that believe clear crystal quartz are the only crystals that can be programmed. Quartz crystals can be programmed because they have the ability to store, amplify, translate and transmit information.

While others think by charging/programming that you are limiting the crystal and its natural gifts.

Methods To Charge Crystals
Say that you want to charge crystals, how do you actually do it? First, cleanse your crystal. Then pick a method below.

Charge Your Crystals Under A Copper Pyramid
People actually charge tarot deck underneath a copper pyramid

So, can you imagine what a copper pyramid would do to your crystals? Epic power!

Some people believe that the pyramids in Egypt are actually power plants... so there ya go.

Think of your intention, mentally stamp your crystal and place it under the copper pyramid for 24 hours.

Charge Your Crystals With Your Breath
If you want to use your breath to charge your crystals first choose your intention, inhale and disperse your intention through your breath in a short, forceful breath on the crystal as you hold it.

Charge Your Crystals With Your Mind
You can mentally project your intention onto your crystal beginning with "I am" or "I have." Then send the affirmation to crystal. This option would be a way to charge crystals quickly.

Charge Crystals In The Moonlight
Place your cleansed crystal under the moonlight and let the energy of of the moon infuse your program into your crystal and seal it with the power of the moon. And yes you can charge your crystal even when its cloudy.

How Many Programs Can You Charge Your Crystal With?
Marcel Vogel limited his intentions to three, so I think that's a good guideline to follow. It's probably also good idea to charge your crystal with a similar theme to keep your energy focused into one area of your life.

It's Can Be Easy Or A Big Hullabaloo To Charge Crystals
If you feel that it is important to charge your crystals, then you can see it can be an easy process or you can make it into a big deal.

Like a lot of things within the crystal community, you'll find that there will be one position that supports your beliefs.

Whatever you want to do, at least you know what it means to charge crystals. You're programming your crystal when you "charge" it and make sure to cleanse it first.

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