Does Crystal Size Matter? Here’s The Truth!

Does Crystal Size Matter? Here’s The Truth!

It's a question that can't be answered with a simple yes or no when it really depends on the work you're trying to get done.

Crystal size does matter when you're trying to affect a large space with the energy of the crystal. However, if you're working with a crystal personally, then no, the size of the crystal doesn't matter.

Why Does Crystal Size Matter?

Let's talk about this thing called an energy Torus. There are Toroidal energy fields around everything, including people, trees, Earth, Sun, and also crystals. A torus that looks like essentially a donut, represents the energy flow. A torus has a central axis or energy column where energy flows out one vortex and back up into the opposite vortex in a continuous flow of energy.

So when you see this, it looks like there is a donut surrounding whatever the object may be. Sometimes the donut is more squished and narrow looking, and sometimes it is broader and flatter in appearance depending on what the energy is flowing around, but the energy flow seems the same.

Humans have an overall torus, and individual energy tori that run about each chakra, aka energy point, encircled in our larger torus.

When it comes to a crystal, the shape matters in terms of how the crystal's energy flows. If it's a crystal that has a natural termination, a point, then the energy comes out of the apex and back around. With a crystal sphere, the energy radiates evenly in all directions. With a piece of selenite, the energy runs along the way it grows in its linear fashion.

When you look at the energy torus of a small crystal versus a larger crystal, then you would see that crystal size does matter because a small crystal simply doesn't have the same size energy torus that a larger crystal would have.

This is why keeping a small crystal on your person, whether that be jewelry or in your pocket, a crystal in your personal energy field is helping your body's energy to entrain with the crystal's stable energy frequency.

When Does The Size Of A Crystal Matter?

When you're looking to address the energy of a room, then crystal size does matter. A small crystal does not have the same size energy torus that a larger crystal will.

Imagine you're tasked with the job of cutting the grass in a yard that's 20' wide by 10' deep. If you had a choice between a pair of nail clippers and a lawnmower to trim the yard, would you choose to do it with a pair of nail clippers? Probably not, unless you like tedious work and think you can make quick enough work of trimming the entire yard before the grass you already cut starts to grow before you even finish the job.

Beyond this, comparing the energy torus of two crystals that are relatively the same size but contain different mineral compositions will yield different results.

How Big Does A Crystal Need To Be?

I have done an experiment. Now, before the science people come for me, I will say that these are not perfect environments for this experiment, and I'm sure there are six different ways from Sunday that they will discount this experiment. Take this information as you'd like.

I selected a spot on my wood dining room table. I measured the distance from the spot where the crystal is set to the edge of the table. From the edge of the table, down to the floor is where I placed my tape measure to continue the measurement of the energy torus extended beyond the edge of the table.

I used my copper dowsing rods and started from approximately 7 feet away from the edge of the table, which would be 106" away from the crystal I measured the energy torus of.

I placed each crystal in the same spot on the table. I then took my dowsing rods and stepped back to my starting spot. I raised my rods and then walked forward, slowly, towards the crystal until the rods could sense the edge of the crystal's energy torus. I would then look down and see where I was according to the tape measure on the floor. When I measured the distance for the small tumbled crystal on the table, I used a small ruler for measuring that distance.

Are Small Crystals Effective?

Small crystals are beneficial for working within your energy field. If the crystal’s dominant frequency is at its optimum vibration, then you may find that a small crystal has a larger area of influence for you personally than another crystal of a similar size. However, I’d still have to err on the side that a small crystal will not work if you’re looking to affect the energy of an entire room.

With this in mind, don't feel that now you need to go out and only buy big crystals. Remember, figure out the work that you're looking to do along with the properties of the crystal to help you choose the perfect crystal for you.

Does The Size Of The Crystal Affect The Amount Of The Energy It Emits?

After my experiment, I would say yes to a certain extent.

I found that crystals of the same size, roughly, emit the same size energy torus generally.

The difference showed up when we look at the mineral makeup. A rose quartz crystal doesn't have as large of an energy torus when compared to clear quartz. Those crystals are in the same family, but obviously, Rose Quartz is not as strong.

How Long Does It Take The Crystal To Work?

As with anything, stating for a fact how long that everyone across the board will experience the benefits from a crystal isn't possible. As with anything, like starting a diet or quitting an addiction, you won't feel the benefits of that choice immediately. Humans and their bodies generally don't respond that quickly.

Another factor in this is that everyone reacts differently to everything. Some people are very sensitive to experiencing crystal energy, while for others, it will take a while for others to feel the energy.

I attribute those who have a hard time sensing crystal energy to having energy blockages that may require a longer time in the presence of the crystal or crystals.

For very sensitive people, they can experience a crystal working within an hour. For most people, it can take up to two weeks for most people to notice that a crystal is working. For others, it can take a month or longer to feel the healing effects of crystals.

I think it's also important to know that when people set an intention towards anything, amazing things do happen.

Regardless if some sets an intention to entrain with the crystals, the crystal will still emit a stable frequency, and depending on how much time the person spends in the company of the crystal, their body will entrain with the crystal's energy. And if the person spends more time harmful energy frequencies than they do with the stable energy of the crystals, you'd be hard-pressed to see results

Are Bigger Crystals Better Than Smaller Crystals?

Not necessarily. It all depends on what work you'd like the crystals help with. So, while yes crystal size does matter when were estimating how big of a job we're asking a crystal to do that doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the other.

It's also important to look at the work you'd like the crystal to do, that some crystals have a different energy torus dependent upon their mineral makeup, color, clarity, etc.

Looking at my experiment, my selenite wand was practically double the size of my Amethyst generator, yet the energy torus was not as large. Selenite isn't considered close to being in the same league that quartz is in for the energy that it emits.

It's not to say that one is better than the other. They have different specialties and knowing your purpose beforehand will guide you when you do your own research.

While bigger crystals generally emit a larger energy torus, and crystals grouped together or used in a crystal grid will also emit a larger energy torus together, you just need to decide before you choose a crystal or a collection of crystals what your intent is, what energy you're looking to affect and the best course of action for yourself or space that crystals will be doing this work.

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