Getting Spiritually Aligned Once and For All

Getting spiritually aligned isn't optional. When you have that nagging feeling that something isn't right whether you're stuck in a relationship, or a career or somewhere that leaves you feeling out of sorts it's a signal for you to do some work.

When we live out of alignment it leaves us not feeling physically well or in various negative states of mind.

During these times when you're not spiritually aligned you'll tend to compare yourself to others because you believe that they have everything figured out (they don’t). Or you never seem to be able to get anything done or things just don't go your way.

Being spiritually aligned is to achieve enlightenment where you feel a unity with all there is and understand the spiritual laws that are beyond the 3D. It brings all of your energy and strength together, focused on one path - the path to living your purpose.

To be spiritually aligned you need your physical body, your mind, and soul to be in harmony. When our physical bodies are in alignment with our etheric body (our life force, our aura, our energy field) we can then experience the expression of our soul walking towards our purpose and experience the oneness with God.

When that starts to happen you will find that you're then walking with your purpose front and center. And if you feel like you're still unsure of your purpose, getting yourself spiritually aligned will get you closer because without getting spiritually aligned, you will continue to wander and live life without purpose. And that’s oh so no bueno.

How To Get Spiritually Aligned
Practice gratitude - Gratitude makes everything better because if you're not grateful for what you have now, why would you even think that you'll be grateful for what you're hoping to have later on?

Take time to pray - Alone time with God is important because if you're going to refuse to spend time with Him, don't expect great things to happen in your life. Sitting in the quiet talking to God will allow you to hear and sense the messages you miss when you’re stuck in the basic 3D of it all.

Change your diet - Feeding your body junk food lowers your vibration and makes you feel sluggish. Make better choices when it comes to eating food that doesn't clog up your system like fresh fruits, vegetables and protein.

Watch your time - We have to spend our time wisely here. Watch who and what you give your time away to. With everything you do it’s important to make sure that you spend time doing what’s important, not the busy work that’s wastes the time you’ll never get back.

Make time for rest - No matter if you feel like you've got a million things to do, you will not do any of these things well if you're tired. Make getting rest a priority and when your body tells you that you do need rest, don’t feel guilty.

Simplify - This life is complicated and with the demands of social media, our career, our families, and the list goes on and on. With that, bring the focus back to what's important and find ways to eliminate that which doesn't bring you joy or that is unnecessary. If social media stresses you out, minimize its impact in your life and the same goes for separating yourself from those people who bring your vibe down. Not everything in your life means you have to make a life time commitment to it. Some things are for a season.

Meditation - Opening and aligning the chakras is key because each of these energy centers within your body can begin to function at a higher level of consciousness once they are taken care of. Guided meditations can help you to visualize this process of awakening.

Spiritually Aligned As Above, So Below
As above, so below is the best way to describe what the ultimate goal is when getting spiritually aligned. You want to be aligned down here in the below with God who is above.

While on the path to getting spiritually aligned it doesn't mean that you will have achieved everything you've wanted to or that everything will go your way because there is no perfect life here on earth. And without struggle, life here wouldn't be that important for us. This is about stepping onto the path of your purpose knowing that each struggle is a lesson for us to learn.

But all of this will require you to practice, continue to seek and keep going when the going gets rough.

When you get spiritually aligned you will raise your vibration, get more in tune with your intuition and be able to hear where God is guiding your soul to go.
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