How Do Crystals Work?

How Do Crystals Work?

As with many topics that are not mainstream, yet, you'll find there are two sides on the debate whether crystals actually work or is it some placebo effect that many are raving about.

I am not a scientist (duh) but it doesn't stop me from wanting to share with you the truth about how do crystals work, really.

So you know where I'm coming from, I resist buying into absolute truths like science is the only truth. Scientific theories have been wrong at times like when they thought that the Earth was the center of the universe or that the Earth is the only planet with water.

Take a little bit of time and you will find that the theories that the scientific community has thrown out there are not absolute truth.

People do cling to science as a religion making it the harbinger of a widely accepted truth. Then there are people like me, who like to do some investigating to see what I can find out that internally resonates with me. This is also your opportunity to do more research on the subject but know that just because science hasn't been able to document something doesn't mean it isn't happening.

How do crystals work is up for debate because we don't have tools to measure the effects. However, we're getting closer to figuring out how do crystal really work. We know that quartz is used in watches, clocks, computer chips, etc because the quartz oscillates at a precise frequency.

So how do crystals work, really?
Let's start with frequency. Frequency tells us how much an energy wave is pulsing. Think about those heart monitor machines that you see on every medical drama. You'll see the machine show the frequency waves going up and down.

If the frequency is LOW, the machine will "beep" less frequently. If the frequency is HIGH, then the machine will "beep" more frequently.

LOW frequency is like someone slowly dying. HIGH frequency is like someone getting overly excited.

Body Crystal Frequencies
Inside of our bodies, we have many different frequencies going on. At the top of your head, you may have a high frequency while at the same time around your stomach that area has a lower frequency. We don't have just one dominant frequency throughout our bodies.

Crystals are orderly crystalline structures growing in a symmetrical form where the external shape is a larger reflection of the tiniest internal arrangement of the atoms. Meaning that they have ONE frequency internally that is resistant to being changed due to the environment. Unlike us.

Our bodies and minds have a tendency to be affected easily aka we're easily susceptible to the disorder known as entropy.

Entropy: Gradual decline into disorder, lack of order (frequencies out of sync)

But when we work with crystals, we can entrain with them aka synchronize with their vibrational frequency (that is stable).

Entrain: when frequencies become synchronized

Whether you've been around an energy vampire that sucks the life right out of you or after a long day in front of your computer, you're feeling drained. Either way, you know what it feels like to be basically spent and feeling very low vibe aka low frequency.

Crystals are resistant to entropy because of their precise atomic structures and their predictable vibrational frequency.

So, knowing that the multiple frequencies inside of your body are subject to being out of whack you'd want to gravitate towards something that has a higher and stable frequency that reduces entropy by entraining your frequencies.

Is This Just A Placebo Effect?
For some people, their answer to how do crystals work is simply the placebo effect. I will tell you that I fully believe and endorse crystal healing 100%. But, say that you're unconvinced and think that the Placebo effect is what's indeed happening here... it is still a good thing.

When the Placebo Effect is activated, our minds affect our physical reality. When we believe that something will work, our brains send chemicals into the bloodstream to do that. Same for the opposite, if you think it won't work, you get what you believe (the nocebo effect).

Bring Nature Indoors
Crystals are beautiful, and even if a client doesn't want to buy into their healing properties, this will definitely tick the box on incorporating the biophilic interior design style where you're bringing the outdoors (or underground) in. Many people agree that biophilic design decreases stress and lowers blood pressure thanks to introducing natural elements.

Biophilic design is the designing for people as a biological organism, respecting the mind-body systems as indicators of health and well-being in the context of what is locally appropriate and responsive. 

We all know that we can feel the energy of a space (and we have no way of documenting that either). We also know that what we do raises the vibe in a home. So, why not add another layer of good vibrations even if the scientific community is pretty much throwing the BS flag down on crystals.

I'm willing to continue on my crystal journey and wait for science to catch up to show us with their own evidence the truth behind how do crystals work.

So that's my answer to how do crystals work. I might adjust my answer as science catches up, but for now, I'm going with this explanation.
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