How To Use Crystals The Easy Way

How To Use Crystals The Easy Way

Just get back from the local metaphysical shop, and now you're not sure how to use crystals? Because if we're honest, that little identification card you get doesn't give you a lot of ideas on how to use crystals once you're ready to dig deeper.

Easy ways to use crystals include wearing crystal jewelry, putting crystals in your pocket, crystals as home decor, meditating with them, placing them on an altar, creating a crystal grid, putting them next to your bed, making a crystal elixir, using them in your bath, and blocking out negative electromagnetic fields.

What Are The Reasons To Use Crystals?
Let's start with what you can use crystals to improve your health for the different categories of crystal healing out there.

Those categories of physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.

Physical crystal healing remedies
While I'm not a doctor, and this isn't to suggest that crystals are a replacement for professional medical care crystals work by working with your subtle energy body.

If you just cocked your head like a cockatiel that just had to listen to some horrible karaoke for the first time, I get it.

Your physical body has what the woo-woo (and even some doctors like Dr. Gerber) call the subtle energy body, which includes seven energy layers that are in addition to the physical human body.

Your crystals have a stable vibrational frequency that your body wants to get "in tune" with. Your body? Lots of different vibrational frequencies going on.

Illness is then said to be caused underlying energy problems, that if they aren't attended to, can then manifest in the physical body as an ailment.

Emotional crystal healing remedies
Because we're emotional beings from getting upset because someone cut you off on your way to work, you lack the confidence to speak up, or you're dealing with childhood trauma.

No matter the emotional healing that you're looking to work on, there's a crystal to help you untangle the emotional wounds that can help you to release shame, guilt, grief, build up your confidence or help you with the confusion of how to move forward.

Spiritual crystal healing remedies
Spiritual work is personal for everyone, and as you walk your spiritual path, you may find that either your journey stalls or goes astray. Either way, you'll be looking for crystals to help you get back in tune with what your purpose is in life and how to marry it with your spiritual work.

Energetic crystal healing remedies

When it's time to change a situation, look to energetic crystal healing whether it's a lack of money, you're ready to make a change, you need a burst of creativity to show up like yesterday, or you're prepared to take the lead in some area of your life.

How To Use Crystals Every Day

Wearing Crystal Jewelry

The easiest way to get started with using crystals is to wear them. No matter the type of crystal jewelry you prefer to wear, wearing crystals is one of the easiest ways that your body's energy can start to vibe with the crystal.

Put Crystals In Your Pocket
This is my friends's secret way of using crystals. Every morning before he goes to work, he puts his crystals in his pocket. Nobody knows, and he can hold them incognito if he wants to.

How To Use Crystals For Meditation
Don't let the word meditation freak you out like you need to be an expert level spiritual person to use this method. All you have to do is place a crystal in your hand, sit quietly for 5 to 10 minutes, and relax. That's it. And yes, mind chatter is always a thing.

How To Use Crystals In The Home
From drawer knobs, lamps, countertops to sinks you can find all sorts of different ways to incorporate crystals into your home decor. I will say that when you're thinking of using crystals in your home decor and looking to work with some significant energy, the size of your crystal does matter. Three small tumbled crystals in a bowl isn't going to have a high enough frequency to radiate throughout a home, generally, so keep that in mind.

How To Use Crystals For Protection
Crystals are lovely to keep your home safe from bad vibes. You can place black tourmaline by the entrances of your home and be done with it. You can even place one black tourmaline at the corners of your property, creating a grid. Or you can also make a larger inside home grid if you're really trying to block out those bad vibes from your pesky neighbor.

Use Them On Your Altar
Crystals are a wonderful addition to your altar. Crystals bring earth energy to your altar (in case you didn’t know your altar is supposed to have all four elements represented on it).

If you’d like to make a crystal-focused altar, then much like setting up a crystal grid, helps you to see your intentions that are represented by the crystals you intentionally chose to place on it. Trust your intuition when it comes to choosing your crystals and best practice says to set it up on a new moon that represents new beginnings.

Crystal Grids
To some, crystal grids may seem next level hard when it comes to using crystals, but I think it's easier to think about them when you imagine that when you're done putting it together, it is a web of energy to help you with an intention. There's no ritual dancing or exorcisms involved. Just set an intention for the grid as you place the crystals.

Put a quartz generator in the center and some back-up dancer crystals around it. Activate the grid by connecting the energy from the generator to each crystal like you're slicing a pie. Easy, right?

Make A Gem Elixir
This one can be tricky because you do need to do some research on which crystals are safe to be in your water - because not all crystals should be placed in your drink 'o good vibes. You can get around this by using one of those crystal water bottles where the crystals are in a separate compartment and never touch the water if there's a specific crystal you'd like to work with that's not safe to be in your drink.

Use Crystals In Your Bath
I haven't tried this one, as I'm not one for baths, but if you have crystals that are safe to take a bath (do your research), bring them into the tub with you. Water is an energy conductor, so placing your crystal, that constantly emits its stable frequency, in the water allows the energy to flow with less resistance.

Block EMF
You and your cell phone may be BFFs that never leave each other's side. And your BFF is emitting some no bueno electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that is not good for you. Amongst some of the other electronic devices like microwaves and routers.

You can do some deep-dive research into the topic, but suffice to say some crystals are supposed to help with electromagnetic pollution like black tourmaline and Shungite. Place these crystal buddies near your devices or get the stickers to place a shungite tab on your phone to protect yourself.

Learning how to use crystals while now can seem completely overwhelming, but know that the more time you take to learn about your crystals, you'll start to find all sorts of new ways to use crystals in your daily life without second-guessing yourself.

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