Properties Of Selenite That Changes Everything

Because there are more crystals than I can ever possibly know all of the properties of, understand that the properties of Selenite kinda slipped by my radar at first. There were bigger crystals that I had to check out like Clear Quartz and Citrine.

Once I took a moment and learned more about Selenite's properties and experimented with it myself, I can tell you that if you're ever having trouble feeling crystal energy, this is one that I'm sure will change that.

Selenite History
Selenite gets its name from "Selene," an ancient Moon goddess. Every night Selene drove the Moon across the sky pulled by two white horses. Lucky for her, I'm sure she never encountered road rage.

Her brother Helios had a hotter job of driving the Sun around. I mean, eff that. That amounts of sunscreen, and can you even hydrate when you're riding the Sun?

Back to Selene, not Dion, also called "Luna," was a goddess with many lovers. Probably more than any D-List celebrity trying to make a name for themself. Her great love Endymion, who was granted eternal youth by Zeus, which sounds terrific. Her lover never turned into some dud of a dude.

According to the Ancient Greeks, Selene got trapped inside of Selenite, which is why it's so luminous.

Gypsum is the material that Selenite comes from of i.e., evaporated Salt. When Gypsums grows into long crystals, you get Selenite.

Ancient Minoan monuments were clad in Selenite, so the sacred spaces appeared to glow when the light hit it. And ancient Greeks and Romans were also obsessed with Selenite using it like there was no tomorrow. They made greenhouses with it, and the belief is that when the Sun came through, you know when Helios is driving the Sun like the badass that he is, that the heat from the Sun was magnified and helped the plants grow like crazy.

Although not a very good choice once used for windows, Selenite is a reasonably fragile material and can be dissolved after many years of exposure to the elements. Many cultures have used it for various reasons, which is why many of those monuments today have had their monuments dissolved.

Selenite Metaphysical Properties
Selenite helps to expand your self-awareness, which can bring you clarity. But that's not all... Selenite quickly opens and activates your Third Eye and Crown chakras to quickly get in touch with your higher self and your spiritual team.

If that wasn't enough, check this shit out. Your auric field, aka your energy field which is like an invisible extension of your physical body, extends 12" out from your physical body. This auric field of yours can be dirtied up when you're not able to distance yourself from the public socially.

Whether you find yourself stuck having a conversation with an energy vampire who can't help but sap your energy like a thief in the night or you've just had an encounter of the asshole kind in the produce section selecting your organic radishes, you'll notice that your auric field feels dirty. And not the type of dirty 80s rock bands sung of.

This frequent dirtying of your auric field means that giving yourself an energetic Selenite bath regularly. Keep reading to learn how to do this.

What Is Selenite Used For + How To Use Selenite
Auric energy field cleansing when used as an energetic soap.

Activates your Third Eye and Crown chakras when placed to the spot between your eyebrows.

Cleanses other crystals by simply lying those crystals that need cleansing to be placed on top of Selenite overnight.

Amplifies properties of other crystals when used in a crystal grid.

Strengthen your memory by keeping it near when you're busy doing that thinking thing that you do.

Tie a stick of Selenite to a plant so the stone can become a source of calcium and sulfur for soil and plant nutrition as it naturally dissolves over time.

Lay on your stomach, place a Selenite wand on your spine and feel a tingle that aligns your chakras, lickety-split.

Clean up bad vibes in a space by using a Selenite wand to cut through invisible energy cobwebs mucking up the room.

How To Cleanse Selenite
One thing to know is you shouldn't make it a habit to clean Selenite with water if you've made this mistake, not to worry. It's doesn't dissolve immediately like a crystal of sugar in your coffee, but it will eventually dissolve if exposed to water for long periods. Much like those ancient temples clad in Selenite.

If you need to physically clean your Selenite because it is dusty, grab a cloth and dust it. If you need to do a bit deeper cleaning, then run the cold water, moisten your rag, and wipe off the dirt - BUT know that some have said that any bit of water has dulled the crystal luster. Which, FYI, doesn't affect the metaphysical properties of Selenite.

If that seems too risky to try, you can try using rubbing alcohol (70% alcohol minimum) and dampen a cloth and rub away the dirt.

Or try that canned air that some tweakers like to huff and blow off your Selenite.

Selenite Benefits
If you don't know after reading this post, I'm guessing it was a TL;DR. To sum it up, Selenite is a versatile crystal that can cleanse your other crystals, tarot cards, jewelry, and energy field. It will not clean your house but clean out bad energy remnants in your home like Fonzie clearing out the hoodlums with the snap of his finger.

The properties of Selenite make this the one crystal that you need to have in your collection if there ever was one powerful crystal to work with.

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