Rose Quartz Meaning + Healing Your Achy Breaky Heart

Rose Quartz Meaning + Healing Your Achy Breaky Heart

Rose quartz may become your next favorite crystal when you feel like your life's taking a never-ending trip. It is essential to work with it if you're ready to heal your heart chakra so you can find the inner peace you deserve.

Life can be a beautiful thing, but sometimes it will leave you wondering if this cruddy moment will ever go away.

Sometimes our traumas are recent and at other times we're dealing with trauma from long ago. These traumas can start with pressure about our finances or relationship pressures. Whenever the trauma has occurred and no matter how deep the wound, we tend to hold in the hurt within our heart resulting in having a blocked heart chakra.

And sadly there are those who have never have felt love and that is utterly tragic.

It's so important that deep inner healing takes place so that true love and healing can happen so the heart can heal. The journey to healing could take months or even years depending on how much pain there is. But know that you must do this important work as it is the foundation for feeling secure in other areas of your life. And allows you the opportunity to be a healing source in other's lives.

All of that changes today.

One of the most interesting things about working with crystals in our downtimes is that we need to start first from a place of empathy for ourselves and that compassion goes hand in hand with rose quartz. Because as we both know, crystals work best when we're working with them and not assuming they're some magic bullet solution, right?

Often, we're our biggest critic and our own worst enemy. That's where rose quartz comes in to help us find the compassion within that we so often push aside when it comes to ourselves.

If you're willing to shed your old thoughts and feelings and willing to tune back into your soul you'll be amazed at the changes that will happen in your life.

What Is Rose Quartz?
Rose quartz, sometimes called pink quartz, is a part of the quartz family and can be pale pink all the way to deep reddish-pink. You may find that it is really opaque or somewhat translucent. It gets its pink color from trace amounts of titanium, manganese or iron.

It's found in Madagascar, Brazil, India, South Africa, and the United States. It's the official mineral of South Dakota, which may be the only reason I would ever visit that state, and was discovered there in the 1880s

It is the quintessential stone of love for oneself, love for others, attracting love and becoming one with the Divine's love.

Romans believed rose quartz could prevent aging (hello rose quartz rollers!) while in Greece they saw it as a gift from Cupid.

It's also one of the essential crystals that everyone should have in their crystal kit because I firmly believe that the energy of love is the most important one that we can carry around at all times.

What Rose Quartz Crystal Means
When we wonder what it means to work with rose quartz it is for us to let our guard down so we can reawaken the healing power of our own heart. Rose quartz soothing vibrations will calm and cleanse the wounds in your auric fields allowing you to shed the pain and hurt within.

What The Pink Color In Rose Quartz Means
To add in a bit of chromatherapy, pink is about unconditional love, forgiveness, tenderness, feminine energy, awakening the love consciousness within, allowing you to receive and send love.

Pink has a calming effect and used in interiors to calm people down and has a gentle vibration.

Rose Quartz For Heart Chakra
The heart chakra is all about love. Love to heal yourself, love you feel for others and love to heal the world.

You'll find the heart chakra in the center of your chest area, from the spot between your breast going all the way back to between the shoulder blades. The heart chakra connects your upper and lower chakras.

Within this chakra is where you'll need to pay attention to heal your heart and find the compassion within.

While the color of the heart chakra is traditionally associated with the color green (which means you can also use green crystals to help you with your heart chakra), the auric color of the heart chakra is seen as pink.

What's Rose Quartz Good For
You may notice that beyond feelings of sadness and not feeling love, you may also be overly defensive, jealous, and unable to forgive which means your heart chakra needs some tending to.

Rose quartz will help you with:

Connecting with the loving consciousness of Christ consciousness




Past emotional trauma





Attract love

So you can:

Let go of your heartache

Heal your emotional wounds

Allows forgiveness to happen

See the beauty in the world around you

Nurture relationships

Find or grow relationship love

Where To Place Rose Quartz
For feng shui, if you follow the traditional bagua, you will want to place rose quartz in the southwest corner of your home for the intention of love and marriage.

You may also choose to place rose quartz in your bedroom or in the center of your home to radiate love throughout your home.

If you have a love grid you will want to use it as the center stone with quartz points surrounding it so the love and healing can be amplified in all directions.

Can Rose Quartz Heal A Broken Heart?
Yes, it can! You may want to wear a piece of it or put it in your pocket.

If you have a larger piece, you may want to meditate with it in your lap or place it on your love altar.

While it is really a gentle crystal and something you can keep in your bedroom while you sleep, but it wouldn't be my first crystal choice for getting a good night's sleep.

For intense emotional healing, you should plan on wearing or carrying it for 3 weeks and make sure you set the intention before you wear or put it in your pocket.

How To Use Rose Quartz
Healing Your Heart Meditation

The easiest way to use the gemstone is to lay it on your heart for three minutes. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Each time you exhale, visualize letting go of any unloving thoughts in your breath.

Then during this time imagine absorbing the love from the stone into your heart.

When you're ready to end your mediation, count backward in your mind from five and take one last deep breath, then slowly open your eyes.

Gem Elixir

You may also choose to use rose quartz is a gem elixir to help you heal your heart. Or simply wear it as a necklace that rests right in your heart area as you focus on this.

Stressful Meetings

If you've got a stressful meeting coming up, you should place the stone in your office or in your pocket.

Healing Jewelry

Wearing crystal healing jewelry (such as a ring or necklace) is the easiest way to work with crystals.

Pendants are an excellent choice when it comes to working on your heart chakra as you can pick the perfect chain length so the crystal is right next to your heart chakra and can do the work to heal the auric field.

If you're using a rose quartz point, a termination (the tip) pointing down helps to connect with the earth energy fields, if the tip is pointing up the energy will connect with the spiritual realm.

When we're talking about working rose quartz, I suggest getting a double terminated pendant (a point/tip on top and bottom) that will allow the energies to flow upward and downward connecting you to the earth and the heavens.

*Note: It's rare to find points of rose quartz naturally, they are shaped into points from large rough pieces generally.

If you're not using pointed crystals, then you'll want to make sure that the crystal, if encased in metal, you will want the back to be open.

Crystal Grids

If you're ready to tap into focusing on the love for yourself, you can create a crystal grid.

A crystal grid is a geometric arrangement of crystals that focus your intention and energy on that which you're trying to manifest more of in your life. Usually, a crystal grid has a 'center' stone and then the surrounding 'way' stones place around the center crystal that receives energy from the center stone and finally the 'desire' stones that fine-tune that energy brings the intention into focus.

In this grid, you can create this loving crystal grid by sitting in the center and placing 12 rose quartz stones, as way stones, around you. They can be raw rose quartz or polished.

Why 12? Twelve is 1 and 2 put together where 1 is about new beginnings and 2 is about faith and 12 connects you to place your trust in the Divine.

Rose quartz is the perfect crystal to help you tear the walls you've put up to protect your heart and heal it so you can fully experience the beauty of love that is all around you. And allows you to keep your interactions in this world in harmony. And I think we all need more harmony in our life, right?

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