Six Crystals That Transform Your Workspace

Crystals For Work

You use crystals for guidance, energy, protection, and so much more. Don’t keep all those precious vibes on your alter or only use them during meditation.

Harness that power at work, too.

These are six crystals that are perfect for the office. Find one that fits your needs and watch how you transform your workspace with powerful and beautiful crystals.


Let’s begin with this glowing stone. If you’re seeking creative energy at work Carnelian is bae. Make your dreams come true when working with it often. Place a piece near your work area and feel the creativity flow. Ideas will begin to come naturally making your day a hell of a lot easier.

Just looking at this piece of sunshine increases your motivation. You can’t help but feel inspired when its vibrations are surrounding you.

Carnelian helps you overcome self-doubt. Believe you are the headstrong baddie you feel inside — and everyone knows you are — so you can grasp that energy of becoming a major success with your business endeavors.


Fluorite is excellent for protection. Let’s say you have a total Karen across the hall from you. She’s always looking down on people, making them feel bad, and even snitching to the office manager. She’s a pain and the whole office knows it. Shoot, she knows it. Before you go all 2007 Britney Spear on her ass after she gives you the stink eye in the lunchroom, put the umbrella down and try adding a piece of Fluorite to your office instead.

It is a super-strong protection stone. Quickly shield yourself from the evil eye.

Haters are gonna hate. Avoid psychic attacks, curses, and basically, any bad juju being sent your way. Karen won’t see what hit her.

And if you get your aura cleansed by a professional or you do it at home by taking a salt bath then this stone is extra powerful for you. It puts a cloak over your aura. This completely takes you off the radar of any negative vibes that were on their way to you.

Tip: Place a piece of Fluorite on top of your to-do list to help keep you on track.

Clear Quartz

Need some help staying focused? Then Clear Quartz has come to your rescue. Coffee’s great, red bull helps but these are temporary fixes. And they aren’t great for your bod. But all-natural Clear Quartz helps you maintain focus even during your roughest hours — you know that dreaded 2 p.m. crash.

Clear your mind from the outside world. Forget the weekend right now, you won’t even think about Happy Hour tonight. Focus on your priorities and get shit done quickly and correctly.

Black Obsidian

Jobs can cause some pretty rough anxiety and stress. Work with Black Obsidian to feel comfortable when your stress level is higher than a giraffes ass. It helps you hold your composure when you feel anger or tension creeping in.

This stone is also a protection stone. Keep it in your office or on your desk to ward off bad vibes. Black Obsidian is popularly used amongst those who break curses and spirit attachments. So if you feel some negative energy following you around it’s your perfect partner

Is there a creepy creeperson at your job? Someone who’s always trying to talk to you, take you out for a drink, or worse a whole ass date? But you’re just not feeling them. And they don’t seem to get the hint. Keep the creeps at bay with a protective barrier built by Black Obsidian.

Blue Kyanite

Does your office have a bully? There’s often one jerk-off who just can’t help but mess with people. If you’ve become the target of a bully or you just don’t want to be the next target add a piece of Blue Kyanite to your workspace.

Often at work, we can experience manipulation. Whether it be from that bully, a “friendly” coworker or, even your boss, this stone can protect you from all that.

It helps to keep people from messing with your head and trying to make you do things you aren’t comfortable with or you just don’t feel like doing. Stay strong.

Protect your personal space and clear your mind from any self-doubt or second-guessing yourself. You’re a powerhouse at work and we see you! Keep that same energy and show others they can’t mess with you.


If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it twice, money isn’t everything. But we do need it to survive so if you’d like to attract more money your way Pyrite is a great tool to work with. This is a crystal of luck and good fortune. And one of the more powerful crystals for success at that.

If you’d like to focus on bringing more opportunities your way bring a piece of Pyrite to work with you. The more you work with it the more fruitful your life will be. It opens your mind up to attract more financial prosperity.

The energy of abundance that emits from this crystal can fill your life with more work which equals more money which might make you a tad bit less stressed. Yay! Let it help you achieve your money-making goals. Get that bag, honey!

Transform Your Workspace
Work can be exciting, fulfilling, and challenging. It can also often be a drag. If you’re sick and tired of bad energy at work or you simply just need assistance to stay motivated there is a crystal out there for your workplace.

It’s important to have a tidy space when you work. Clear up your cluttered desk — you know, that stack of papers you’ve been “meaning” to get to, that coffee cup from last week, and that overflowing garbage can. Then load up your space with crystals. Make room for your ideas to flow. Fill your office with positive energy. And above all spread the vibes. You could very well be the shining light the office needs for everyone to just chill the heck out.

Take a break from work — as if you haven’t already 4 times today (is it really only 10 a.m.!?) and browse my crystal shop. All six stones are available right here! Plus many, many more. Find one that calls out to you and your workspace. Your boss will thank you for making the office a better place for everyone.

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