The Side Effects of Working With Black Tourmaline

As a person who has been ungrounded for most of my life, I found that black tourmaline was a wonderful addition to my life. Often I was tripping in my upper chakras, living in fantasyland and rather okay with it.

Unfortunately, most people in the world can find a person like me a little bit too much.

And to be perfectly honest, most people in the world are suffering from some form of not being grounded enough. I get it because at the moment this dumpster fire of an existence we've had makes living in fantasyland a nice place to visit.

Negative Side Effects Of Black Tourmaline
However, the effects of having too much black tourmaline around you for too long can lead to feeling like you're being sucked down into an abyss of heaviness that you may not have counted on.

Black Tourmaline is a very grounding stone and I love it for helping me to feel safe and grounded. It allows for a proper energy flow through my body. With that being said, if you "overdose" yourself on black tourmaline you're likely going to start feeling like you're starring in "Down and Out in Beverly Hills."

Others report experiencing physical side effects of Black Tourmaline such as headaches and nausea. I've never personally experienced such side effects, but everyone's sensitivity to crystals is different. For instance, there are people who can't work with Moldavite because it's simply too much energy and I'm over here like "what? I don't get it."

So while some may feel like they are experiencing negative side effects of working with black tourmaline I actually wonder if it isn't a case that they didn't fully ground enough?

Symptoms of being ungrounded are waking up exhausted, having a hard time concentrating or constantly daydreaming, lightheadedness, forgetfulness, overly stimulated, and being clumsy. It's like if you can imagine a balloon on a string stuck to the grass where you're the balloon.

You're sorta connected to the earth, but most of your mass is dancing in the sky, led whichever way the winds push you.

Or if you imagine needing to get your sunscreen to go to the beach. Some of us need SPF 50 and others are good with an SPF 10. The grounding and protective effects of black tourmaline needed will vary by person.

Positive Side Effects Of Black Tourmaline
On the other hand, I love and have tons of black tourmaline placed around my electronic devices as a shield to protect me from EMF smog (electromagnetic fields radiated from electronic devices like your smartphone, computer, router, etc.).

I sit in front of my computer all day long as many people do. And with that, you will find that prolonged exposure to EMFs will give you similar side effects that people experience when working with black tourmaline such as headaches, nausea, difficulty concentrating, depression, and fatigue.

So that right there would make me wonder if you're experiencing side effects from black tourmaline are you isolated and away from the exposure to EMFs?

That being said, if you are like me and zillions of others forced to sit in front of a computer or on your phone all day you can create a little border of black tourmaline around your devices (or place a Shungite on the back of your phone) to help absorb the EMF smog.

But how does that work? Glad you asked.

Many believe that because black tourmaline contains iron that it is good at absorbing EMFs. Shungite is also said to do this well.

Final Verdict On Black Tourmaline?
Give it a try. It may mean that you will want to try working with a small quarter-sized piece of black tourmaline and move up in size to a larger piece of black tourmaline as you feel necessary. Or try another stone that is helpful for grounding and balancing your root chakra such as Red Jasper, Garnet, or Shungite.

I think the most important thing you will learn on this crystal healing journey is that you are unique in your ability to sense energy and how you do that. Allow yourself the time to feel and observe how your body interacts with the crystals. Your experience is the most important one to trust.

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