The Truth About Buying Healing Crystals on Amazon

Buying healing crystals on Amazon can be a tricky proposition. First, you typically will not see the exact crystal you'll be purchasing, instead likely, the one you'll get is chosen randomly by the Seller. Second, you may get enticed to buy a set of crystals that you don't need because you've got the itch to buy. Lastly, some of the crystals, while it may be decent quality, are wildly overpriced. Do you research first before you purchase healing crystals on Amazon.

Always Check The Reviews
Make sure still to check out the reviews and photos on any healing crystal you're thinking of buying. I like to sort the reviews by the worst ones first to see if there are any significant issues.

For instance, if I'm looking for rose quartz, I'd want to make sure that I'm buying a pink crystal and not one that has the slightest twinge of pink.

If I'm buying a wand or a generator, I want to make sure that it doesn't come to me broken because then it can't be used for its purpose.

Also, 5-Star Reviews aren't a guarantee that the Seller doesn't have issues. Some tend to have more problems with packaging their crystals, which could mean a broken crystal for you. Others are selling crystals that look nothing like the listing photo. And some are selling crystals that are tiny and require you to read the entire description before you buy.

When Buying Sets of Crystals On Amazon Makes Sense
Maybe, MAYBE if you're buying your first beginner set of chakra stones.

Again, check the reviews because while some people may get nicely sized, bright crystals other may get dull and smaller crystals.

Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend buying the sets of crystals on Amazon unless it's just something incredible.

Overpriced Healing Crystals Are Everywhere
It doesn't just happen on Amazon, but make sure you're getting a good deal. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

You'll likely run into the case where the Seller is impersonating another country trying to offload their inventory based upon the good name of another company.

You may also find that the listing picture shows a person holding a big old crystal, and when your arrives, it's a fraction of the size pictured... but you didn't pay a fraction of the cost.

Fake Crystals On Amazon To Watch Out for
Unless you have decent beginner knowledge of healing crystals, you may be a prime (pun intended lol) candidate to get ripped off on Amazon.

Some list that they are selling quartz, but it's glass.

Or some say they are selling turquoise, but it's dyed howlite.

Moldavite is popular, usually not cheap, for a good quality piece and can be faked.

And don't even get me started on the baked Amethyst sold as Citrine.

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