Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet – Left Or Right Wrist?

Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet – Left Or Right Wrist?

Wondering which hand to wear crystal bracelet? We have compiled a comprehensive guide for you to get the most benefits out of your healing crystals.

For the right-handed folks (that is if you hold your pen and utensils with your right hand), your right hand is your “giving hand”. And your left hand is your “receiving hand”.

Which hand to wear crystal bracelet left or right
If you are right-handed, your right hand is your “giving hand” while your left hand is your “receiving hand”.

Your Left Hand Is The Receiving Hand

Left is the side that takes in energies from the external world and connects the outside to your inside
First let’s talk about your left hand or “receiving hand”. This represents your yin or feminine side. So it has everything to do with the subconscious, dreams, and creative things.

Your receiving hand is the one that you take things with. In other words, you are taking external energies through this hand.

For instance, you would be holding a pink rose quartz crystal in your left hand if you want to tap into its gentle, loving energy. Likewise, you can wear a healing crystal bracelet on your left wrist to absorb its benefits.

Keep in mind this is also the pathway to your subconsciousness. So you can wear any crystal for lucid dreaming or attunement on your left hand. That way you are taking in energy from the external world and letting that energy flow into your body.

In addition, you left hand also represents your feminine or “yin” side. This relates to personal growth, relationships, compassion, and nourishment. So you can wear a crystal bracelet on your left hand for crystals like moonstone, rose quartz, amethyst, and labradorite.

In fact, many crystals used for calming and relaxing the mind are best worn on the left wrist. Other crystal bracelets for healing your emotions and attracting new relationship are also most effective on the left hand.

Your Right Hand Is The Giving Hand

You can release internal energies or remove negative energies from within through your right hand
On the other hand (quite literally), your right hand is the hand that gives. As such, it also releases what’s inside you.

When you want to let go of your negative energies or emotions, your right hand is the one that releases these things. So you can wear a black tourmaline crystal bracelet to remove the negative energy from within on your right wrist.

Also, many other cleansing crystals such as clear quartz and shungite are best worn on the right wrist. Remember this is the hand where energy flows out from within your body.

Besides cleansing and detox, your right hand also represents active projection of energy since it embodies you “yang” side.

As such, another important role of your right hand is to communicate and connect. When you want to project your energy, wear a boosting crystal like tiger’s eye stone or black onyx crystal bracelet on your right hand.

When Should I Wear Healing Crystal Bracelet On My Left Hand?

In summary, wear the healing crystal bracelet on your left hand if you want to absorb its beneficial energies. You can take in the positive energy and achieve the desired results by wearing the right crystals on your left hand.

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Wear rose quartz crystal bracelet on your left hand to tap into its gentle, loving energies
If you want to attract love and invite new relationship, here are some great healing crystals to wear on your left wrist:

Rose quartz crystal provides you with loving energy. This stone is great for romantic love and unconditional love with your friends and family.
Pink tourmaline lifts your self-esteem. So it’s really good for self-love as well as attracting compassion from those around you
Red carnelian represents fun and passion. It boosts sexual attraction and benefits the wearer by amplifying the joy of love.

When To Wear Crystal Bracelet On My Right Hand?

When you want to communicate and project yourself with the external world, remember to wear your crystal bracelet on the right hand for the best results.

Your right (“yang”) side controls the active thoughts and intentions. Furthermore, it serves as the pathway that connects you to others. So it’s the hand for logical and conscious work.

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Wear tiger’s eye crystal bracelet on your right hand to project your own strength and power during speech and communication
Below are some crystals you may want to wear on your right hand for the most benefits:

Black onyx is good for releasing blockage and removing toxic energy. You can channel the unwanted energies out of your body by wearing black onyx on your right hand..
Golden tiger’s eye stone is also known as the stone of strength and confidence. Wearing this crystal bracelet on your right hand helps you project yourself during speech and influence your audience with your energy and intentions. But if you want to take in strength and power through tiger’s eye, make sure you wear the bracelet on your left hand instead.
Amethyst crystal can actually be worn on both wrists depending on your intention. Wear your amethyst crystal bracelet on the right hand if you want to create a soothing aura around you. This allows others can feel calm and relaxed as they are drawn near you by your own calming energies. However, you can wear the amethyst bracelet on your left hand if you want to absorb the positive energy around you to calm and soothe yourself.

How Many Crystal Bracelets Can You Wear On One Hand?

Make sure you check the properties of your crystal bracelets if you are wearing more than one bracelet.

While some crystal bracelets can be worn together on the same hand, some stronger crystals like tiger eye crystal bracelet is best worn with certain stones.

As for which hand to wear tiger bracelet, you can wear tiger eye bracelet left or right hand.

Just keep in mind that tiger eye is a powerful crystal and you should wear more calming crystals like amethyst or angelite if you need to wear your tiger eye with other supporting stones.

As a final reminder, many crystals can be worn on both hands — as shown in the amethyst and tiger’s eye example.

Depending on what you want to achieve, wearing the most suitable crystal on your left or right hand can bring about the desired results. The general rule of thumb is: take with your left hand and give with your right hand.

Still have questions about how to wear a crystal bracelet? Ask us in the comments section if you are not sure which hand to hear your crystal bracelet on!

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