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Amethyst Tumble

Amethyst Tumble

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Insight • Intuition • Spirituality


    Amethyst affirmation: "I am connected to the wisdom of the universe."

    ❀ AMETHYST ❀

    ❀Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.

    ❀Amethyst works well against various types of headache and sleep problems. Place the bracelet under your pillow to improve sleep quality.

    ❀Amethyst also works well against stress and nervousness. The stone helps you to let go of negative thoughts and to process traumas.

    ❀Amethyst promotes mental clarity, provides protection and provides purification. It helps to see situations without judgments and shows you life with compassion.

    ❀The calming energy of the stone reduces negative emotions and balances the mind and emotions. Having an amethyst stone nearby already gives a feeling of pleasant comfort.

    ❀ Amethyst awakens the consciousness of the soul and will teach you that life does not stop with the physical body It is also the perfect calming antidote for rage and anger.



    1. Place Them on Your Desk While You Work

    • If you are a go-getter at work, then bring some healing crystals to your workplace and ask them to help you climb the career ladder.
    • Placing tumbled stones for anxiety on your desk is a great way to release the stress related to your work challenges: Stress can interfere with your appetite, sleep habits, relationships, and even your job performance

    2. Hold Them While Meditating

    • Holding a tumbled stone while meditating can help you enter into a more profound state of consciousness. You can even set a specific intention on the crystal before starting the session to help you manifest it faster. In addition, it can help you leave your daily stress behind and relax in less time than expected.

    3. Put One in Your Pocket Each Day

    • Choose a different stone depending on your mood and current challenges, and let it inspire you throughout the day! In addition, putting them in your pocket assists in healing the root chakra, allowing you to feel more
      stable and grounded in this world

    4. Hold one in your hand while journaling

    • Journaling is the practice of writing your thoughts and feelings on paper without any kind of restriction. If you struggle with mental conditions related to anxiety, depression, or stress, keeping a journal can also help you gain control of your emotions.
    • Holding your favorite tumbled stone while journaling can help you pinpoint those things that are buried down deep so you can release them and find relief

    5. Place one under your pillow

    • Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? You're certainly not alone as the hectic pace of our modern lifestyle is causing more and more people to have trouble sleeping. Putting tumbled gemstones under your pillow can help you sleep more soundly while putting negative thoughts aside.
    • Try using Lepidolite or Angelite to help you transition from your daily activities to a peaceful slumber.

    6. Keep them in car to protect you while driving

    • The healing properties of tumbled stones go beyond enhancing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They have a protective vibrancy that can keep you safe during your car rides, so using crystals while driving is not a bad idea
    • Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline are excellent protection crystals that can keep aggressive or harmful situations away.

    7. Place them on soil of your houseplants

    • A creative way to use tumbled stones is to put them in your plant pots. Use crystals of different colors to make it more attractive and get the healing benefits of each one of them. In addition to harmonizing the environment, they will strengthen the plants and fill them with extra vitality, thereby filling your whole family with positive energy.



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    All our Crystals are cleansed and charged before shipping.
    Still you should cleanse them once you receive them.


    In this guide you will learn

    -How to Cleanse your Crystals
    -How to Charge your Crystals
    -How to Set intention with your Crystals.
    -Ways to use Crystals in Daily life
    -How to choose right Crystals for you
    -Care Instructions for your crystals


    • Do not wear your crystal bracelet while swimming or taking a bath. The chlorine or salty seawater can cause color changes and damage to various gemstones and other components.
    • Try to protect your crystals from chemicals, extreme temperatures and prolonged sunlight. (prolonged sunlight can cause some crystals to lose colour)
    • Store your crystal bracelet and other jewelry separately to prevent scratches.
    • Crystals should be cleared of any old intention already set before setting a new intention.
    • I recommend sticking to only one intention per crystal at a time.
    • Do not let other people touch your crystals. However, if you want other
      people to see and feel the beauty of your crystal then you can welcome them but please do remember to cleanse the crystals again after any other person touches them.
    • A very important point now- Some of my customers do complain about having little scratches or tiny cracks on the crystals. let me tell you, first of all, these are natural stones extracted straight from mother earth. Mother earth leaves marks on these stones and we see them as a great thing as it makes the stone feel and look more natural rather than the highly polished ones which are being sold at some stores. You should always appreciate the beauty of crystal.
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