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Clear Quartz Mini Heart

Clear Quartz Mini Heart

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Cleansing • Amplifying • Healing

  • Beautiful cut and polished hearts. These stones are beautifully smooth and shiny, without sharp edges. Cut hearts are beautiful stones to give as a present to friends, family and of course yourself, and to use as decoration in your interior
  • You will receive one Mini Heart.


Clear quartz affirmation: "The energy of the universe flows through me."


❀"The Master Healer"

❀Wearing jewelry made from this stone for prolonged periods of time will bring you abundance, harmony, love, vitality, prosperity. It will help you to find purpose, live in harmony and protect yourself from harm..

❀Clear quartz protects against negative external influences. On the body or wearing in clothes, it helps lessen headaches, strengthens concentration and cleans and balances the chakras. Clear thinking is increased and it helps to establish a neutral attitude and a promotion of problem-solving thinking.

❀Clear quartz is known to amplify the power of other gemstones and is often used in combination with other bracelets.


Size (approx)- 1 inch tall, 1 inch wide


Crystal hearts are an ideal shape to use in many healing practices because they are usually smooth, flat, and have a tip to direct energy.

Here are some ideas on how to use your crystal hearts in your metaphysical rituals:

1. Meditation with Crystal Hearts

Program your crystal hearts for whatever loving intent you desire. Choose smooth gemstone hearts and hold one in each hand while you are meditating. 

2. Journaling with Crystal Hearts

Program your crystal heart with your intentions and place it in front of you while you are journaling. Let whatever thoughts flow from your subconscious mind. Your crystal heart will remind you that there is no need to judge your words, just accept them as they come.

When you are done, place your crystal heart on top of your journal until your next writing session. 

3. Feng Shui Placement with Crystal Hearts

For Feng Shui purposes, crystal hearts are ideal to place in the bedroom and the living room. For romantic love, place your crystal hearts on both bedstands. For all kinds of loving relationships, place crystal hearts in your living room.

Crystal hearts are beautiful and will attract high vibrations into your space. 

4.Crystal Hearts for Ma