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Gomati Chakra

Gomati Chakra

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Found in the Gomati River, the Gomati chakra stones are popular remedies for many problems people face in their day to day lives. Gomati Chakra is a white coloured stone with small circles seen on one side of the stone and the chakras are considered to be a symbol of goddess Lakshmi. Gomati Chakra resembles the Sudarshan Chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna. According to many Vaishnavas and oral tradition in Northern India, the Gomati Shilas were once part of Lord Krishna’s palaces in Dwaraka. They were used to adorn the walls and floor of many of Sri Krishna’s palaces. The Gomati chakra stone can be used in innumerable ways to fix problems in one's life. It is believed that those people who possess Gomati Chakra will be blessed with money, good health and prosperity.

Gomati Chakra remedies :-

• You can also keep some Gomati chakras in your wallet ,make sure that they are in an even number. Doing this can make luck shine for you.
• 11 Gomati Chakras are buried in the foundation of the building to bless the residents with long life and prosperity and negate the evil effect of vastu dosha caused in South east direction.
• Use 11 Gomati chakras for the puja and apply turmeric on these. Worship Lord Shiva and tie all these Gomati shilas in a yellow cloth. Take them all over your house and finally throw them out in any river or lake. By doing this, you will soon find yourself free of all financial worries.
• If your business is impacted by someone's negative energy and its suffering because of your enemies or competitors then take 11 Gomati chakras, and perform a puja by chanting 108 mantras of your Kuldevta or the god you have faith in with 3 coconuts. Tie these up with a pure yellow cloth and hang them towards your house entrance. This is a good remedy for fixing your business problems.
• If any person is suffering from evil eye or nazar dosha , then he should take 3 Gomati Chakra shilas, go to any barren ground, revolve these Gomati chakras over your head 7 times clockwise , then throw them off your back. Do not look back immediately, you’ll see the results. Parents can perform the rituals for their kids too.
• 11 Gomati Chakras are wrapped in a red cloth and placed in rice or wheat containers. This is for food security. Its said that by keeping Gomati chakra in food containers , one will never face shortage of food in household. After all we all work for food only.
• 11 Gomati chakras are wrapped in red cloth and are placed in cash box , jewelry boxes , it opens ways to stabilize your hard earned wealth.
• To get your wish fulfilled take 11 Gomati Chakras along with 11 Laghu Nariyals and tie them in yellow cloth and keep in your Pooja room.
• To neutralize harm done by enemies throw six Gomati Chakra tied in black cloth on Amavasya in a flowing river by rotating 7 times clock wise and anti clock wise around yourself and members.
• Tension between husband and wife often destroys the peace & happiness in the family. There are so many issues that become the cause of tension between marital relationships. In that case this remedy is very useful. Keep 11 Gomati Chakras in a container of red vermillion (red sindoor). Keep this container at home. Peace & happiness shall stay for long time in the family.
• On Wednesday morning take eight Gomati Chakras, rotate two Gomati Chakras around your head and throw them in one direction. Do the same with other Gomati Chakras and throw them in all four directions. This shall remove the evil effects of Tantric Karmas or Black magic performed on you
• Those who aspire for promotion, should offer 21 Gomati Chakras to lord Shiva Temple. The hurdles in your promotion will be removed.
• If someone has borrowed money from you but not returning your money, In that case, take 11 Gomati Chakras, sit in your temple ,think about the person and request your favorite Deity by your heart that your money should be returned to you soon. After that, burry these Gomati Chakras near Peepal Tree.
• If you are facing any legal hassle, in that case keep 5 Gomati Chakras in your pocket before going to the court.
• If your children are constantly living under fear, and are afraid about speaking up, then on every Tuesday take one Gomti Chakra and purify it with Hanuman mantra and Ganga jal. Now apply a vermilion tilak taken from the right-hand shoulder of Lord Hanuman’s idol and tie it in a red cloth. You can then tie this Gomati chakra around the neck of the child, using black thread.
• Carry 3 Gomati chakras in your pocket when you attend some interviews and some key business deals to get success.
• Brings good luck for all the recipients of the house when kept in four corners of the house or each room. It acts as a sort of house protection and clears the corners of the house of negative energies by increasing positive vibes wherever these are placed. If hanged near the entrance of the door it stops negative persons from entering your homes.

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How to Use Crystals

There are so many ways you can work with the energy of crystals, so I will outline some of my favorite ways.

This is such an easy way to use the energy of the crystal in your daily life. Wear a bracelet, necklace or other piece of jewelry throughout the day. By wearing crystal jewelry, you can benefit from the healing energy, but from a manifestation perspective it’s also a visual reminder of what you are manifesting. Every time you look at your wrist you’ll see the crystals - which can trigger the thought of your goal or manifestation. Wearing crystal jewelry is a really great way to shift your thoughts and bring in some amazing energy

Meditation alone is an incredible way to shift your mindset and start manifesting your dreams. Adding crystals into the mix is even better.
You can place the crystal in the palm of your hand, or align the placement with your chakras. You can also create a crystal grid in your space.

If you are manifesting something, you are probably going to start journaling. If you are using the Manifest + Flow Journal to start manifesting, incorporating crystals into your daily journal habit is an amazing way to amplify the energy! It does not have to be a complicated practice, simply take your favourite crystal and place it on the book (opposite page from what you are writing on). After you write your manifestation, hold the crystal and visualize that manifestation. You can practice gratitude in the moment by stating “Thank you, Universe!”. Repeat for each manifestation!

Keeping crystals in your home or office is a great way to shift the energy and bring in some good vibes! I keep a large black tourmaline near my front door, and in my office. I also keep aventurine and citrine in my workspace and amethyst in almost every room! You can even place a small tumbled stone in your pillowcase to bring in soothing energy while you sleep or keep a bunch of tumbled stones in a bowl. The options are endless, so have fun with it and find what works for you!


Hold them when you need a little bit of support or reassurancePop one in your bra for all-day support (just remember to take it out before throwing it in the wash!)Keep it in your wallet or purse - a good option for abundance crystals!Take a bath with them - you can put them in the water (check whether your crystal of choice is waterproof first), or simply put them on the edge of the bath along with a candle or two

Care Instructions

Just like uses, there are a few ways to cleanse your crystals.

Sea salt/ Himalayan salt and water can help rid your stone of unwanted energy.

It should not be used for soft stones, minerals, porous stones, or any stones which contain trace metals within them.
Click here to view full list of
water unsafe crystals

You can cleanse a crystal by holding it in moving water for at least minute. You can say a mantra such as “please remove and release any negative energy”. Water's cleansing properties will rinse away negative energy and purify your crystal.

One general rule is that for crystals ending in -ite like Pyrite, Hematite, Angelite, Calcite, etc, we recommend not using this method. These are water unsafe crystals 
or if they must be cleaned by water, at least to minimize the contact with water to only a few seconds before having it dry off.
Click here to view full list of
water unsafe crystals


Place your crystal on a piece of selenite and allow it to rest there for at least 6 hours. That's it! Selenite is a soft but powerful mineral. It can cleanse other stones by absorbing their bad energy.


Place your crystal outside or on a window sill at night for 8 to 10 hours. The cleansing power of the moon will remove any negative energy. A full moon or an eclipse can be especially effective, but any phase of the moon will work.

Smoke Cleansing is one of the most popular and effective methods of crystal cleansing. You use either Sage Smudge sticks or Palo Santo wood sticks. Hold pointing downward and light the wood or incense. Allow the flame to burn for a few moments before blowing out. Move your crystals through the smoke to energetically cleanse them.


Using Singing bowls and bells is a great way to remove impurities. Simply surround the area with your crystals and let the sound release its powerful cleansing vibration.

Bury your crystal outside in the soil or in a household planter for at least 6 hours. The purifying energy of the earth will cleanse your crystal by absorbing any unwanted energy.

Set your crystal outside or on a window sill for 8-10 hours during daylight. The powerful rays of the sun will cleanse your crystal’s energy. Even if it is cloudy, the sun’s energy is still doing its work behind the scenes.

The sun can cause some crystals’ natural colors to fade. Please see our list of crystals that will fade in sunlight.

▶When should you cleanse your crystals?

In addition to clearing your crystals when you first receive them, crystals will pick up and hold onto energy over time. After intense work, a bad encounter, or prolonged reliance you should clear your crystals. consider cleansing your gemstones any time somebody else has been touching them to clear their energetic fingerprint. To me, the energy will become stale, heavy, or even muddy feeling. A crystal in its pristine frequency should feel fresh and crisp, anytime it feels foggy, you know a cleaning might be necessary.

Ideally, you want to cleanse them on a regular basis - once a month is a good guide to start with. That way, they’re always ready to go when you need their gentle support.

How to Program Crystals

Crystals get their power once they're "programmed," or dedicated to a specific purpose of your choosing. The best time to do this is directly after you've cleared your stone. I've tried programming my crystals with intentions a few different ways but found the following the most effective:

1. Start by holding your crystal cupped in both hands. Clear and calm your mind. Focus on your breathing until you feel a stillness.

2. Connect with the crystal. You’ll be tempted to skip this step. Don’t. It’s an important step that awakens the consciousness of the crystal and forms and/or strengthens your relationship with it. Connecting with a crystal means getting to know it. Hold it. Touch it. Squeeze it. Look at its details and intricacies. Admire it. Allow it to impact you and notice how you feel while in its presence. Hold it up to light and see what parts of it come more alive. Listen to your inner knowing and be open to its communications. Feel grateful for its presence and willingness to help you in this way. Spend 5 to 7 minutes connecting before you move on to the next step.

3. Then, program the crystal for a specific use. I suggest using just one intention at a time for each crystal.

4. Think about what you want that crystal to support you with, whether it's landing a new job or speaking more kindly to yourself. While still holding the stone in your left hand, visualize and feel what it would be like if you were to achieve that intention. Imagine that desire happening. How will you feel? What will you do? Who will you tell? How will you celebrate? Feel the emotions of receiving that dream come true as fully and intensely as you can.

5. Once you've envisioned the crystal's purpose, finish the process by saying aloud: "I dedicate this crystal for the [your purpose]."
State your intention aloud while holding the crystal in your hand. You may likewise enhance your charging by placing the crystal to your heart or 3rd eye (the spot on your forehead, just up from between your eyes) while speaking its purpose aloud.

6. Complete the session. Mentally let the crystal know you are through. Thank the crystal for its help. Feel deep gratitude.

7. Refresh as necessary. You may want to repeat the above steps, or simply hold the crystal when you do techniques to manifest this intention. (optional)

-Release the crystal from this focus. Once your dream has manifested or you have changed your mind about creating it, thank the crystal once again and clean and clear the programming from it, readying it for the next creation.

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