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Rainbow Moonstone Heart

Rainbow Moonstone Heart

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Lunar Energy • Protection • Fertility


      Rainbow moonstone affirmation: "I respond gracefully to every situation with compassion."


      ❀Moonstone is associated with the moon and is a wonderfully helpful stone for women. Moonstone helps us to connect to all the different cycles we experience in life. Many people find moonstone to be very soothing and use it to help relieve stress.

      ❀A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

      ❀Moonstone aids the digestive system, assimilates nutrients, eliminates toxins and fluid retention, and alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes, and fleshy organs such as the liver and pancreas. It stimulates the pineal gland and balances hormonal cycles, being excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breast-feeding. Moonstone is also beneficial to men in opening the emotional self.

      ❀Rainbow Moonstone helps us with a smoother transition into meditation. It calms the mind from the chatter that can affect our meditative state. This allows us to be in the here and now with no distraction.


      Size: 2-3 inches


      Crystal hearts are an ideal shape to use in many healing practices because they are usually smooth, flat, and have a tip to direct energy.

      Here are some ideas on how to use your crystal hearts in your metaphysical rituals:

      1. Meditation with Crystal Hearts

      Program your crystal hearts for whatever loving intent you desire. Choose smooth gemstone hearts and hold one in each hand while you are meditating. 

      2. Journaling with Crystal Hearts

      Program your crystal heart with your intentions and place it in front of you while you are journaling. Let whatever thoughts flow from your subconscious mind. Your crystal heart will remind you that there is no need to judge your words, just accept them as they come.

      When you are done, place your crystal heart on top of your journal until your next writing session. 

      3. Feng Shui Placement with Crystal Hearts

      For Feng Shui purposes, crystal hearts are ideal to place in the bedroom and the living room. For romantic love, place your crystal hearts on both bedstands. For all kinds of loving relationships, place crystal hearts in your living room.

      Crystal hearts are beautiful and will attract high vibrations into your space. 

      4.Crystal Hearts for Massage

      The tip of the gemstone heart is great for releasing deep tissue pain at trigger points. The smoother top domes can be used to gently rub large muscles. Try a circular motion for specific pain relief. Try an up and down motion to get your blood flow going. 

      Crystal heart massage is best if you have a partner to work with but can be done on your own if necessary!

      5. Relieving Anxiety with Crystal Hearts

      Use your crystal hearts as worry stones, rubbing their smooth surface whenever you are feeling anxiety. Release your stress and tension as you infuse your aura with the healing energy of your crystal. 

      Small crystal hearts are great for portability. Slip them in your purse or pocket and have them available whenever you are feeling anxious. 



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      All our Crystals are cleansed and charged before shipping.
      Still you should cleanse them once you receive them.


      In this guide you will learn

      -How to Cleanse your Crystals
      -How to Charge your Crystals
      -How to Set intention with your Crystals.
      -Ways to use Crystals in Daily life
      -How to choose right Crystals for you
      -Care Instructions for your crystals


      • Do not wear your crystal bracelet while swimming or taking a bath. The chlorine or salty seawater can cause color changes and damage to various gemstones and other components.
      • Try to protect your crystals from chemicals, extreme temperatures and prolonged sunlight. (prolonged sunlight can cause some crystals to lose colour)
      • Store your crystal bracelet and other jewelry separately to prevent scratches.
      • Crystals should be cleared of any old intention already set before setting a new intention.
      • I recommend sticking to only one intention per crystal at a time.
      • Do not let other people touch your crystals. However, if you want other
        people to see and feel the beauty of your crystal then you can welcome them but please do remember to cleanse the crystals again after any other person touches them.
      • A very important point now- Some of my customers do complain about having little scratches or tiny cracks on the crystals. let me tell you, first of all, these are natural stones extracted straight from mother earth. Mother earth leaves marks on these stones and we see them as a great thing as it makes the stone feel and look more natural rather than the highly polished ones which are being sold at some stores. You should always appreciate the beauty of crystal.


      Gifting a crystal heart to someone is the ultimate symbol of love. No words are needed, the heart shape says it all.

      Whether it is romantic or platonic, the heart signifies that you want to maintain, mend, or enhance your current relationship.

      Here are some reasons you may want to gift a crystal heart: 

      • You want to say you are sorry
      • You want to express your joy
      • You want to thank someone special
      • You want to gift a token of remembrance
      • You want to acknowledge someone's grief
      • You want to deepen the bonds of a relationships

      Gifting matching hearts is an excellent idea when you want to stay connected to someone or a group of loved ones.

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