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Scolecite Cluster 261 grams

Scolecite Cluster 261 grams

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Connections • Meditation • Dreams

Scolecite affirmation: "Within a group, at work or in other circles, I always feel comfortable."

❀ Scolecite ❀

  • Scolecite is a type of zeolite, which also includes apophyllite and stilbite. It is a powerful rebalancing stone, especially for people who have spent a large amount of time in high-energy environments. In Chinese philosophy, scolecite is associated with Yin energy, in contrast to Yang energy.
  • Scolecite acts on the third eye, crown and higher chakras and brings a deep inner peace for those who meditate with it. Those who experience energy blockages can use this stone well because it can break through stagnant energies emotionally, physically and mentally, allowing the energies to flow through all chakras.
  • The calming energy of scolecite stones can help those who deal with anxiety and insomnia, helping you sleep easily when the energy around you is rattling around inside your brain.
  • It is also a good stone for developing your senses of empathy and sympathy. Frequently, people tell us that being self-focussed means neglecting others. However, as scolecite will make clear to you, the opposite is true!

❀ Additional information ❀

  • One of the best ways to use Scolecite is to place it in a room where you frequently spend time alone with your own thoughts. This might be a bedroom, a study, a den, or even an office.
  • Place it somewhere where it is easily seen every time you enter. Natural scolecite formations make great decorations, but a well-placed tumble stone is just as good.
  • By placing it in this sort of room, you will become primed for introspection every time you enter. It will also ward off any anxieties or negative thoughts that might disrupt your thinking patterns while you are in this room.